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In Rochester, Church Of England Gives Up

Miniature golf in the 11th-century cathedral, to attract 'young visitors'


Honestly. Honestly. Just sell the old barn to a condo developer, or give it back to the Catholics. Either would be more dignified than this. According to this story, the nine-hole golf course has been installed in hopes of attracting more young people to the church.

Why on earth would they think that would work? Young people won’t come to a church that doesn’t take itself seriously. Why not turn the nave into a disco and have a rave? Oh wait, they did that at the Liverpool cathedral in 2011.

The Rochester Cathedral is England’s second-oldest. There has been Christian worship on this site since the year 604, though the present cathedral building dates to 1080. Miniature golf in the nave dates to A.D. 2019.

Who ever thought that Christianity in England would expire not with a bang, or even a whimper, but with a bogey on the ninth hole?



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