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Devil’s Night In America

Violent unrest spreads across the country -- and Minneapolis government is AWOL
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Hell of a night in lots of US cities — especially Minneapolis, which Mayor Jacob Frey has handed over to rioters. Take a look at this business owner being interviewed on live TV. Caution: he drops an F-bomb:

Look at this jerky reporter on the ground in Minneapolis, propagandizing for the rioters … before he gets a bottle thrown at him. It’s a wonder he didn’t say, “Thank you, sir, may I have another?” Must sustain the Narrative:

Here’s Michelle Goldberg in The New York Times, maintaining the Narrative:

In Minneapolis protesters poured into the streets, where they met a far harsher police response than anything faced by the country’s gun-toting anti-lockdown activists. On Wednesday night, peaceful demonstrations turned into riots, and on Thursday Minnesota’s governor called in the National Guard.

Gosh, it’s almost like those gun-toting anti-lockdown activists didn’t start a riot. Notice how those “peaceful demonstrations” just “turned” into riots. Funny how that happened. If some Antifa creep throws a bottle at Michelle Goldberg, it’ll probably be Trump’s fault. Rioters in Atlanta smashed windows at CNN Center today and invaded the building. The cognitive dissonance in that newsroom must be a hell of a thing.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, a Minneapolis resident tweets tonight:

These poor people have been abandoned by their government. The governor is a Democrat. Minneapolis hasn’t had a Republican mayor for decades. The Pentagon announced within the hour that it has put military police on alert to be sent to Minneapolis. As I write, I’m waiting for a 1:30 am news conference with the city’s useless mayor and the state’s governor. A local TV station reported just now that 75,000 — seventy-five thousand — demonstrators are expected in downtown Minneapolis on Saturday.


A great point here:

Riots underway in Dallas, and the Dallas Morning News editorializes in this headline atop its website now:

Look at what’s happening outside the White House now:

Andy Ngo has been covering Antifa for years, and was savagely attacked and forced into the hospital by them. He knows what he’s talking about here:

Imagine that: our media have been so hyper-vigilant about violent right-wing extremism over this past decade that they missed the big story: that Antifa has been building networks around the country. We now see the fruit of its labors. With Covid-19, the economic devastation it has caused, and now the urban riots, American cities are going to fare poorly this decade.

Here is some rare good news from this awful night, about a city that has real leaders:




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