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Rick Scott Announces Run for Senate Republican Leader

The Florida senator has declared his intention to “upend the status quo in Washington.”
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Florida’s Senator Rick Scott has announced his intention to run for the position of Senate Republican Leader in a “Dear Colleague Letter” obtained by The American Conservative. He would replace the retiring Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, who has served in that role since 2007. 

Scott begins his letter with the statement that “the path our nation is going down is not sustainable,” citing the open border, the national debt, the precarious geopolitical situation abroad, inflation, American dependence on China, the drug overdose crisis, the insolvency of Social Security, and the presence of men in women’s sports. Scott highlights his experience turning around failed businesses before becoming governor as proof that he can do likewise with the nation. 


As for the Senate itself, Scott criticizes the current practice of bills being rolled out to the surprise of senators, who are not given the chance to either amend or even review them. At the same time, Scott highlights that the many Senate Republicans will work against their conference and with Democrats to pass many bills and that Republican voters expect their senators to stop “caving in to Democrat demands.” Scott likewise hits the current GOP Senate leadership for not representing the issues and priorities of Republican voters, particularly on the weaponization of the Federal government. 

Scott’s letter includes many proposed reforms to the operations of the Republican Senate conference, including giving senators the opportunity to review legislation before voting and greater cooperation with House Republicans. The letter also argues that the Republican Senate Leader should be limited to serving a six-year term, a vision that stands in sharp contrast to the Kentuckian Senator Mitch McConnell’s over 17 years as Senate Republican leader.

Scott also highlighted the need for the Republican Senate Leader to work with Donald Trump, assuming the former president is re-elected. The Senator stated that “it is not time to make small adjustments” and that America needs “a dramatic sea change to save our country.”

Scott, former chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the GOP body responsible for winning the Senate, challenged McConnell for the leadership in November 2022 following a disappointing midterm election cycle. That bid failed, 37 to 10, despite attracting support from more hardline conservatives in the upper chamber.