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Putin: BRICS Parliament Possible In Future

State of the Union: Some forum participants seemed receptive to the proposal.
Putin at BRICS Forum July 2024
Credit: Contributor/Getty Images

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, speaking Thursday at the tenth BRICS Parliamentary Forum in St. Petersburg, indicated his openness to the creation of a BRICS Parliament. 

Present were guests from 18 countries, including non-BRICS CIS States. This is the first such forum since the UAE, Iran, Egypt, and Ethiopia joined the group in January.


“BRICS does not yet have its own parliamentary institution, however, I believe that the idea will definitely be implemented in the future,” Putin said.

Veneziano Vital do Rego, vice president of the Brazilian Senate, commented to Izvestia that the idea requires elaboration, but that it may be beneficial for discussing common initiatives.

This October, BRICS will host a major summit in the Russian city of Kazan, which Chinese leader Xi Jinping is expected to attend.