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Posie Parker: Free Speech Warrior

State is trying to silence British feminist who opposes pediatric transgenderism

Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull is a British feminist who writes under the name “Posie Parker” (a “Nosey Parker” is slang for busybody). She recently had a visit from the police:

In March 2018 I spent 40 minutes being interviewed under caution for eight tweets spanning ten months. Susie Green of Mermaids reported me to the police and they obtained my contact details from twitter. I have not deleted any of these tweets and anyone is free to view them. They are not malicious, they were not false, the purpose is to inform and to challenge the current pro trans ideological climate.

I am now in a position of limbo whilst I await the CPS decision on whether to charge me. The potential charges are Nuisance, public order, malicious communications compounded with a potential hate crime.

This fight is not whether you agree with my views on transgender issues as much it is that you agree that I have a right to air my views, a right to voice an opinion, a right to free speech.

I am a 43 year old married mother of four, I am every woman, I am you.

She’s trying to crowdsource funds in anticipation of having to mount a legal defense. Keen-Minshull continues:

Over the few last months and years I have witnessed friends being no platformed, writers having commissions cancelled and even myself being deceived by a TV station who promised a balanced program on the issue of transing kids.  I have had a ring side seat to abuses against women I couldn’t have imagined 4 years ago.  Venice Allan and Jennifer James being treated appallingly by the Labour party, interrogations akin to Stalinist Russia, odious thought police styled interviews about things they’ve uttered on social media.  The left is enforcing a mantra that “trans women are women” and any deviation from that nonsensical view means you are no longer welcome.  Women’s events are being labelled as hateful and the lies propagated about their content and intent, by trans activists, is nothing short of incredible and completely unchallenged by any “liberals”.  They seem to either pretend it isn’t happening or agree that women talking about women’s sex based protections is like a sinister Malitia hell bent on encouraging suicide and the murder of transwomen.  

This isn’t just about transgender ideology though, this could be any ideology, this could be yours, this could be something you feel strongly about or even something you repeat.  I’m an ordinary woman, I haven’t got a large platform, I don’t have an important career, I don’t have the ear of power, I am nobody and yet I’m every one of us. 

What did she do? More:

1st February I received a text message from a police officer in West Yorkshire asking for me to get in touch.  Not believing that our police force is so strapped for cash that this would be a genuine text I ignored it.  Later that day when driving down the lane from my house to the supermarket I noticed a few missed calls from the same number.  I pulled over and returned the call.

A policeman in a friendly Yorkshire accent told me that Susie Green, CEO of Mermaids [a pro pediatric trans UK charity], had reported me to the police and that the police had got my details from Twitter.  It had taken them some months to attain it and the report had been made July 2017.  He said this was the topic of conversation around the dinner table, and he could understand my point of view as he has a teenage son.  He also, rather troublingly, said I was a test case. He joked about this new “human rights” fight and compared it to both gay rights and black rights, I explained that lesbians had never asked to be called straight and black people didn’t want to be white both fights were about the dignity and respect as human beings and equal rights.  Trans rights are not the same, these activists seem to want to gas light us all into saying black is white.  Who really believes that trans women are women?  He also mentioned an officer in his office transitioning and something about new pronouns, I asked if that officer would be searching female suspects, he laughed and said he didn’t know.  So the police force are more worried about what pronouns to use for this officer than the rights of females he may or may not search.

A solicitor got in touch with the force for disclosure.  The attitude of the officer wasn’t quite so friendly in our next call.  At the end of a very short call in which we arranged when I would be interviewed he mentioned, for the second time, that if I didn’t attend I would be wanted.  I asked him what this meant. He replied that if I tried to leave the country I would be arrested, that if I was pulled over whilst driving I would be arrested and that if the local force had to come to my house to arrest me that I would have to wait some time in the cells as he would have to come down to Wiltshire from West Yorkshire.

I may remind everyone here that I am a stay at home mother to four children and that I am a wife!  I’m not Jihadi John, I am not part of a grooming gang or paedophile ring, I haven’t hurt anyone or abused anyone.  I am a woman with an opinion.

I was forwarded the disclosure, pages and pages of Susie Green’s life story and not remotely relevant to the case.  She accuses two other people beside me but I’m the only one that resides in the UK and so I am the target. The report consisted of eight tweets six of which mentions Mermaids spanning October 2016 to August 2017.  The main gripe Susie has is that I refer to castration in my tweets about her son.  It is not news to those who are familiar with Susie Green that she did take her son to Thailand at sixteen to get SRS surgery which involves castration, clearly.  Jackie Green’s own words as detailed in the Daily Mail. “ I was prescribed ‘blockers’ by a doctor in Boston when was I was twelve.” “And so, aged 16, Jackie Green became the youngest person in the world to undergo transgender surgery. ‘Without that surgery, I wouldn’t be here now,’ she says bluntly. ‘I’m a girl, I always have been – there’s never been any doubt in my mind about that. It’s just that my body didn’t match because, as far as I’m concerned, I had a birth defect.’


I will not kowtow to an ideology that demands I cannot speak the truth.  I will not be compelled to say a man is a woman, or that sterilising children is okay, that encouraging kids who don’t fit in or who struggle with their identity that a good solution is puberty blockers and cross sex hormones and a life time of drugs.  I will not pretend that I think a charity courted by the police, children’s charities and even the Royal family is one with great outcomes for all children it touches.  I will not pretend that a woman who circumvents UK law to give her son treatments not allowed in the UK is right or good.

16 days after the police interview I am sat at home in limbo.

I am a test case.

This fight is just beginning.

Read the whole thing. 

In fact, Susie Green did precisely what Posie Parker says she did. From a sympathetic (to the Greens) profile of Jackie Green in the Daily Mail:

After gender reassignment, blockers are no longer needed, although transgender people must take cross-hormones for life.  Susan, who lives in Leeds, took Jackie to Boston every six months for treatment until she had her surgery at 16. ‘I’d get her blood tests done here, and then take the results to Boston. I would order the blockers online from a pharmacy in Canada with Dr Spack’s prescription.’ Jackie’s treatment and trips to the US over three years cost £15,000, which, along with the £13,000 gender-reassignment surgery, meant Susan had to use equity in her home to pay for it.

‘Having the anatomy of a boy was a constant reminder that she still wasn’t who she wanted to be,’ says Susan.

‘Physical relationships were impossible and I knew that if it was me, I’d want to be able to take that final step and have surgery. Jackie fully understood she’d never have children but there was no doubt in her mind it was the right thing to do. And if she wants to have a family, she can always adopt.’

In the UK, gender reassignment cannot be performed until the patient is 18, but Susan discovered a surgeon in Thailand willing to do the operation when Jackie was 16 (Thailand has since adopted the international guideline of 18). Eighteen months of discussions with the surgeon  followed and on her 16th birthday she underwent a seven-hour operation. ‘It’s hard to find words strong enough to describe how I felt when I woke up,’ she says. ‘It was like, “Wow, my life really does start now.” I cried tears of joy.’

Posie Parker’s Twitter feed is worth reading. For example:


It is horrifying. These trans activists really are coming for your children, in the sense that they want to infect them with this psychotic ideology and convince them to torture their bodies to fit their tortured minds. And they are using the power of the state to harass and intimidate everyone — liberals, socialists, conservatives, Christians, lesbians, feminists, everyone  who opposes them — into silence.

The American organization 4th Wave Now, a resource for parents and others skeptical of the trans child movement, has been dragged into the controversy:



Does Britain still have free speech? In the US, we have the First Amendment, thank God, but a lot of harm can be done by cultural shifts, especially within institutions. For example, will feminists and others be able to publicly oppose transgenderism, especially pediatric transitioning, without being attacked and punished for “hate speech” or “transphobia” — even if it never becomes a matter for the law?

By the way, from what I’ve been able to discover online, Posie Parker (that is to say, Kellie-Jane Keen-Minshull) is not a religious person or any kind of conservative. She’s a left-wing feminist who believes that something terrible is being done to girls, and to women, by the totalitarian trans movement. And she is correct.



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