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Please Don’t Look At The Trans Crazy

According to some activists, only propaganda movies can be permitted
Poster for Lukas Dhont film ‘Girl’

Read this chilling report about Lupron, a hormone blocker used to treat prostate cancer patients, and sometimes to treat sex offenders, and how it’s being used on healthy prepubescent children with gender dysphoria. These children’s bodies are being affected permanently — that is, irreversibly — and according to physicians interviewed for the piece, doctors are going along with it because they don’t fully understand what’s going on with gender dysphoria, and because the ideological pressure is irresistible. Excerpt:

“And then there is the fear factor, of course, where physicians who are leery about this treatment are afraid to say anything because maybe they work for say [health care provider] Kaiser. I have been told by a Kaiser doctor: ‘Well, I can’t say anything about this or I may lose my job. I have a family to feed.'”

“There have been few physicians willing to stand up and say, ‘We need to question this, there is something wrong here. Why are we using cancer drugs on kids without cancer and stopping normal puberty?” he said.

This is not a new story, but it’s one that’s being widely ignored by the mainstream media. But you can’t keep the insanity of the transgender world bottled up forever.

Here’s a new piece from The New York Times about a controversial new fiction film, Girl, a prizewinner up for a Golden Globe.  It follows the story of “Lara,” a male teenager who believes he’s a girl. LGBT activists have denounced the film as “dangerous.” Why? Stop reading now if you don’t want to see a spoiler.

From the Times story (which refers to Lara, a biological male, using female pronouns):

In a single long take, Lara calls paramedics, picks up scissors and cuts off her penis. Her back is to the camera, so viewers hear her screams but see neither the act nor blood. She recovers from her injury, and the final shot is of her smiling face. But there had been no obvious cues that Lara would harm herself, and it’s unclear why she takes this horrific step other than the fact that her gender confirmation surgery has been postponed and, like many teenagers, she’s impatient and impulsive.

The real-life male-to-female transgender person whose story inspired the movie has said that the scissors scene is fiction, but it tells the truth about her experience. The film is actually pro-trans, from all descriptions, but trans activists are trying to suppress the movie as unhelpful to the revolution — and, predictably, they’re using the “safety” rationale to suppress narratives contrary to what they prefer.

Some opponents are framing “Girl” as a matter of life or death. Nick Adams, the director of transgender media at Glaad, a media advocacy group for L.G.B.T. people, warned that the scissors scene “might provoke a young person to harm themselves beyond repair or even end their life.”

Of course. This is always the story. If you don’t give in to every single thing LGBT activists demand, children will die! It works, too.

It’s clear why it’s disturbing that a teenager amputates his penis. It is less clear why it is not disturbing, but in fact a wonderful thing, that a surgeon amputates a healthy teenager’s penis. In the first case, it’s a sign of mental illness; in the second case, it’s “gender confirmation.”

Netflix bought streaming rights to Girl, and was going to start it on January 18, but has now shelved those plans. Figures. We are not allowed to question the narrative.



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