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Pedophile Story Hour In Houston

Nosy parents discover that convicted child molester reading to kids at Drag Queen Story Hour
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News from the front lines of social progress in Houston:

A registered child sex offender has been reading to children at Houston Public Library as part of its Drag Queen Storytime.

A group called Mass Resistance, which has been trying to put an end to the program, contacted KHOU about the child sex offender.

Mass Resistance claims it had been asking the City of Houston for months to disclose information about the drag queens, and when requests went unanswered, they did their own digging and made the shocking link.

A media spokesperson for the library confirmed one of the program’s drag queens, Tatiana Mala Nina, is Alberto Garza, a 32-year-old child sex offender. In 2008, he was convicted of assaulting an 8-year-old boy.

“Most parents would not allow that individual to sit in this library and be held up as a role model to our children. Shame on you, Mayor (Sylvester) Turner!” said Tracy Shannon with Mass Resistance.

In a statement, the Houston Public Library admits they didn’t do a background check on Garza and said Garza will not be involved in any future library programs.

How about that! These parents didn’t just sit back and accept being ignored. They started digging, and discovered that the Houston public library officials cannot be trusted. 

According to the Texas Sex Offender Registry, Garza is a “moderate” risk to re-offend:

Remember, if it wasn’t for the nosy parents of Houston Mass Resistance, the progressives of the Houston Public Library, fully supported by Mayor Sylvester Turner, would have continued to allow this creep to read story books to children just like the little boy he molested.

From Garza’s YouTube channel, this clip of him transforming into Tatiana. Garza is now medically transitioning to female:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vO-abo_x98U]