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Not Enough Punishment in the World

State of the Union: No civilized society can thrive without the accountability of its governing class and bureaucracy.

Credit: ArtemisDiana

Britain’s worst child serial killer in modern history, Lucy Letby, was known to be dangerous long before she was convicted for killing seven infants and attempting to kill six others, but the issues regarding her character were ignored by managers and DEI bosses. Concerns about Letby were previously raised by doctors, including one Dr. Ravi Jayaram, but the grievance proceedings were ruled in favor of Letby by management, including head Alison Kelly, who was formerly the director of nursing and quality at the Countess of Chester Hospital. Kelly has now been “suspended.”

Perhaps to balance the gendered accusations, another DEI and Equity boss on this side of the pond arguably led to several deaths recently as well. Here, the New York Post reports about Kaleo Manuel, a former Obama Foundation leader:


M. Kaleo Manuel, former deputy director of the Hawaii Commission on Water Resource Management, waited for more than five hours to release water during the wildfires that devastated Maui, according to reports. In a livestream debate hosted by the University of Hawaii last year, Manuel described water as a sacred god. “Let water connect us and not divide us,” said Manuel, referring to water distribution on the island. “We can share it, but it requires true conversations about equity…How do we coexist with the resources we have?”

It is easy to rally against DEI bosses. They are, to put it plainly, the most severe scumbags on the face of the planet, and are therefore easy targets. Arguably, nothing that they do is objectively good. They are often mediocre midwits who are credentialed by our universities to fill the cogs of any Byzantine bureaucracy. They are often those equipped with the loudest microphones and dysfunctional brains, independent of thoughts or imagination. They simply exist to exist, and to perpetuate tyrannical policies. They were often the loudest petty tyrants during the Covid lockdowns, where their sole purpose was to loudly convey questionable policies down to the mortals below, and justify them in the name of “science.” They are incapable of understanding the science themselves, of course, but they are filled with one supreme characteristic of all bureaucrats: a deferential instinct towards their superiors. They are the most typically classic example of Hannah Arendt’s banal evil. They should have no jobs or livelihood, and their non-existence would only make civilization better. They create hell on earth, and they deserve hell in their afterlives.

But whatever they do, they seem to avoid consequences for their actions, even when, in the case of both Britain and the U.S., multiple deaths can be directly attributed to them and their policies.

It is a common characteristic for any society that has previously faced tyranny to be instinctively distrustful of both official information and officials themselves. We can see the transformation of a previously high-trust society metamorphosing to a low-trust one slowly happening in our own. The simple cause perhaps is a lack of responsibility. There is no culpability for a prosecutor, or a judge, for example, whose policies led to the release of a recidivist criminal out on the streets, who then proceeded to commit capital crime such as rape or murder again. We talk about recalling a “Soros prosecutor.” We talk about gender surgeons mutilating children. But we don’t jail or bankrupt them due to their policies that result in harm.

That culture needs to change. No civilized society can thrive without the accountability of its governing class and bureaucracy. And there currently is not enough punishment in the world, from what it appears. When normal people talk about an invisible cabal, they are called conspiracy theorists. It is true, there is no smoke-filled room. But most true evil in this world often doesn’t require smoke-filled rooms. All it requires is a mindless, managerial class without any accountability for their decisions.