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‘No Catholicism, Please, We’re Irish’

The Bishop of Kerry throws elderly priest under bus for preaching about sin
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So, how's it going with the Catholic Church in Ireland? A Catholic reader sends in this item from Radio Kerry:

The Catholic Bishop of Kerry has apologised for comments made by a priest concerning same sex relationships, contraception and transgender rights.

Bishop Ray Browne issued the apology following comments made by Fr Seán Sheehy at Mass in Listowel over the weekend.


That's Bishop Browne pictured above. Seems like a nice fellow. So what did this monster Father Sheehy say? More:

While speaking to the congregation in Listowel, Fr Seán Sheehy referenced what he described as the lunacy of transgenderism, the sinfulness of sex between two men or two women and what he said were the horrible actions of the HSE for handing out condoms to teenagers, claiming this promotes promiscuity.

Fr Sheehy told Mass-goers that no one talks about sin anymore, but it’s rampant.

Bishop Ray Browne says he’s aware of the deep upset and hurt caused by the content of the homilies delivered over the weekend.

The Bishop of Kerry apologised to all who were offended, adding the views expressed don’t represent the Christian position.

They don't? Things must have changed, then. Here is a link to Father Sheehy saying those turrible, turrible things. This is bog-standard Christianity, but the Bishop of Kerry is ashamed of it:

Something tells me that Father Sheehy is not the fullest expression of the synodality grape. Bless him.

The reader who sent that to me says:

"Why does Father avoid talking about sin in his homilies?"

"Because he is afraid the bishop will throw him under the bus."


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