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The Iraq War's Pointlessness, 21 Years On

State of the Union: The U.S. funded Iraqi Prime Minister visited U.S. funded Iraqi militants that killed U.S. service members in the hospital.

Iraq and US begin formal talks to end coalition mission

Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ Al Sudani was recently photographed visiting Iraqi militants wounded in U.S. strikes in the hospital.

Per Charles Lister of the Middle East Institute via Twitter: “#Iraq’s Prime Minister al-Sudani paying visits to #Iran-backed proxy militants injured in U.S. airstrikes Friday night.” The Iraqi government quickly condemned the U.S. strikes on Iraqi targets. The U.S. claims the strikes were in response to a drone attack launched by Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) linked militia groups on a U.S. installation in Jordan that killed three U.S. service members.


“If you needed yet another example of how absurd and counterproductive the US mission in Iraq is: The Iraqi Prime Minister—whose state is funded by American taxpayers and defended by American troops—is visiting wounded fighters from a group that killed US troops last week,” tweeted Dan Caldwell. The PMF, composed of armed militant groups linked to the Iraqi government (and therefore funded by the United States), announced 16 fighters died in Friday’s attacks and 36 others were injured.

The mayor of Al Qaim, a city near the Syrian border, told NPR that at least one civilian died in the U.S. attacks on his city. “We had information that the area would be bombed a day or two before,” said Mayor Turki Muhammad Khalaf. Luckily, the warning enabled most of the residents to move away from the militant base located in Al Qaim.

Though Al Sudani reportedly believes Iraq still badly needs U.S. intelligence and technology, the increasing violence between regional militias and the United States in response to the war in Gaza has made continued U.S. presence in Iraq politically untenable. About a week prior to the strikes, Al Sudani called a meeting with Iraqi and U.S. military officials to start developing a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. troops.


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