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Muslim Parents Lead The Way

They show what happens when you care more about your kids than middle-class respectability
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Man, whatever is going on in Dearborn, Michigan, needs to be going on all over America. Muslim parents sick and tired of their kids being propagandized by LGBT activists and their teacher allies are leading the way. Listen on the video to this man's talk all the way through. Note especially that he says they don't want to be perceived as anti-gay, but that even gay adults understand that this material is wrong for children:


What material? This filth:

From the same book. I apologize for making you read this, but there are many, many people in this country who are not aware of what we're talking about, and who instead buy the propaganda from school districts that protesters are just right-wing nuts who are opposed to "inclusion". Keep in mind that this, from the book titled This Book Is Gay, is what the local school district thought fine for students.:

Is This Book Is Gay in your kid's school? How do you know? You had better investigate. The activists and educators -- but I repeat myself -- are counting on parental ignorance as they teach kids how to have gay sex and get involved with online sex apps that can lead them to have sex with strangers, including older men.

Why is it that Muslim parents are leading the way? For the same reason that in the UK last year, Muslim parents took the lead in fighting similar things in their local schools. This is what happens when you care more about your kids than about middle-class respectability.

Why are they doing this and you, Christian, and you, Jew, and you, secular person who knows right from wrong, are not? What's wrong with us? Where is our courage? Where is our faith? Where is our care for our children?


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Lloyd Conway
Lloyd Conway
Who is my neighbor? The one who acts like a neighbor. These people are my neighbors and I'd welcome them in my neighborhood, just as I'd feel safe living in theirs.
Unless and until we have another baby boom, our borders are going to be under pressure. I say learn from Rome's history: When the population becomes decadent, let in others who still possess basic virtues. Flooding this country with people - Latin Catholics and Pentacostals, for example - would certainly make America a better place. Muslim parents have already made Dearborn a better place. Bravo!
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