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Mohammed Anwar’s Mystery Murderers

If you relied on media, you wouldn't know that alleged carjacking killers of Asian DC man were black -- or that it happened at all
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Y’all, I’m old enough to remember when the Journalism-Industrial Complex went berserk when it thought a teenage boy in a MAGA hat gave the stink-eye to an elderly Indian. Heck, I’m even old enough to remember when a white Southern Baptist sex-obsessed incel went berserk and shot up massage parlors where prostitution is on the menu, and where he had been to seeking service in the past, the Journalism-Industrial Complex crapped its pants over the Racist Implications Of It All.

Well, in Our Nation’s Capital™ the other day, two teen girls — a 13-year-old and a 15-year-old — allegedly tazed an Uber Eats driver in an attempt to steal his car, and ran off with it, crashing the thing and killing the driver, who was a South Asian immigrant, Mohammed Anwar.

You can read the entire account of the felony murder in the Washington Post and never learn a thing about the race of the alleged carjackers. But if you watch the video, you will see that they are black:

Black teenagers allegedly kill South Asian man in carjacking. It would seem that if we were concerned about crimes against Asians, this would be a story. But as of this writing, there is nothing about it in The New York Times. I googled to see if any of the networks had covered it. NBC News had something three days ago, which did not mention the race of the alleged perpetrators. This is understandable, because at that point, no video existed. Well, now it does. The story has not been updated. The other two networks aren’t carrying it, at least not that I could find. USA Today finally reported the story this afternoon, but said nothing about the race of those arrested for the crime.

The New York Post reported on it, but did not mention the race of the alleged perpetrators (though it did embed a video). Nothing on NPR, as of this writing.

As a matter of news judgment, I can understand not including race in crime reporting if it does not appear to be connected to the crime. But our news media did not care that one bit of evidence in the Atlanta mass murder connects that crime to racial animus (an NPR show last week conducted a lengthy interview with a professor who said that yeah, the Atlanta police say there is no evidence of racial bias in that crime, but they probably don’t know what they’re talking about). That suspected killer was a white man, and therefore fit the narrative. There is as much evidence that the crime that these two black juveniles are charged with had an anti-Asian racial-bias element as there was that the Atlanta shootings were racially biased — but the media treat these stories with very different standards.

Besides, how do we know race is not relevant to the crime? NBC 4 in Washington, in its report about Anwar’s killing, reported these data about the rise in carjackings:

The story also had an interview with an unpaid (white) member of the DC city government structure, who said that carjackings involving juveniles are definitely increasing, and one with a black neighborhood activist talking about the same. What nobody is saying is the race of these juvenile carjackers. Why is that significant? Because if there is a common profile of these carjackers, it would give potential victims a little more information they could use to protect themselves. But God forbid that the media would encourage racial profiling, even if it stood to save the lives of men like Mohammed Anwar.

An anecdote about that: When I was living in Dallas years ago, and working at the Dallas Morning News, I remember how crazy it was one afternoon that police put out an alert about an armed robber on the loose in an Uptown neighborhood, but my newspaper would not give out the man’s race. We knew he was black, because the police, in putting out a description, said so. It was relevant! Here was an armed robber on the loose, and cops wanted people to be aware, and on the defense. But somebody in our newsroom decided it was more important that the public not have potential anti-black stereotypes reaffirmed than that the public protect itself from a gunman who happened to be black.

A USA Today “race and inclusion editor” lost her job after tweeting this out about the Boulder mass shooting last week:

The alleged shooter, of course, is of Syrian extraction.

I’m just surprised that USA Today fired her. Anyway, in the wake of her dismissal, Jhaveri wrote an essay about how she’s the real victim here. Excerpt:

I’ve often written that, in sports, the burden of speaking out against racism, sexism and homophobia often falls on the shoulders of marginalized players. Within USA TODAY, most of this work is also done by racialized reporters. In my case, I rarely, if ever, had the support of USA TODAY’s top editors. When the fall out from each column left me vulnerable to social media attacks and harassment, USA TODAY never offered public, institutional support.

As a columnist and editor, I’ve had to walk the fine line of advocating for diverse and better stories, while also realizing that the comfort of our white audiences needed to be kept top of mind. On social media, that is what I failed at. There is nothing so offensive to some readers as calling out white supremacy, or, as the backlash over this Oral Roberts University column shows, taking a difficult stand for true equality and inclusion.

Sadly, none of this is new.

This is not about bias, or keeping personal opinions off of Twitter. It’s about challenging whiteness and being punished for it. As a columnist and Race and Inclusion editor with our Sports Media Group, it was my job to push for anti-racism and inclusion in our stories and with our staff. That work can not be done without calling out existing power relations, often in a public forum.

I bet Jhaveri was honestly shocked at her firing. She was hired to racialize stories, and to push the Narrative into daily journalism.

Last week, Heather Mac Donald published a piece at Quillette talking about how anti-Asian hate crimes have mostly been carried out by black suspects. Excerpts:

In fact, the suspects in all of these cases were black; the news reports rarely mentioned that detail. Had the suspects been white, their race would have led each news report, as it did for Robert Aaron Long. A former member of the Oakland police department’s robbery undercover suppression team tells me that this racial pattern of attack and its lack of coverage is longstanding. No one cares about Asian robbery victims, he says, “We used to follow around elderly Asians, waiting for the bad guys to start circling. This has been one of my long-term frustrations. They are pretending to care now but ironically blaming it on white supremacy”—even though the suspects in Asian robbery attacks are almost exclusively, in this cop’s experience, black.

The New York Police Department compiles the most extensive data on hate crimes in the country. These data confirm the Oakland officer’s observation. A black New Yorker is over six times as likely to commit a hate crime against an Asian as a white New Yorker, according to New York Police Department data. In 2020, blacks made up 50 percent of all suspects in anti-Asian attacks in New York City, even though blacks are 24 percent of the city’s population. Whites made up 10 percent of all suspects in anti-Asian attacks in 2020 in New York City but account for 32 percent of the city’s population. If we include black Hispanics in the black category, blacks account for 60 percent of all anti-Asian attacks in 2020.


White supremacy is also apparently getting whites beaten up. Blacks commit 88 percent of all interracial violence between whites and blacks, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Yet on March 22nd, 2021, CNN ran a special entitled “Afraid: Fear in America’s Communities of Color,” as if whites were putting US minorities at risk. The move to blame white supremacy for black-perpetrated attacks on Asians results in a strange linguistic divide. Press reports refer to activists condemning “anti-Asian racism” and fighting anti-Asian “hate.” The intended referent in such observations is whites. But the actual referent is blacks.

The lie about white supremacist violence is not innocuous. It forms the basis of the Biden administration’s policy in national security and in a host of domestic welfare programs. It is the pretext for Big Tech and Big Media’s silencing of speech. And the shamelessness with which that lie is constructed grows more brazen by the day. It must be fought with facts before it irrevocably alters our culture.

Read it all.

Does anyone doubt that the death of Mohammed Anwar would be national news if his alleged killers were white? How disgusting our media are. It’s all Narrative, all the time. It’s so often about managing the story instead of telling the truth and letting people make up their own minds. It’s about manufacturing consent for this wholesale neoracist renovation of American society to fit woke standards.

Muriel Bowser, the black Washington DC mayor, has as of this writing said nothing publicly about the killing of Mohammed Anwar. But she did tweet this victim-blaming post out (and deleted it after harsh criticism):

This is the same Muriel Bowser who repainted a block of a DC street leading to the White House thus (seen in this satellite image):

But she can’t find a word to say about an elderly brown man who appears to have been killed in a carjacking by two black teenagers.

And of course, the media remain silent, lost in their bubble. I talked the other day to a friend who works in national journalism, a Boomer who is a robust liberal, but an honest, old-fashioned one. He was furious about the state of the profession. Said that his news organization doesn’t even try to be fair anymore. Said if he could afford it, he would retire, and wash his hands of the whole damn thing, this profession to which he has devoted his life, and even earlier in his career, reporting from a dangerous part of the world, risked his life. I don’t blame him.

Interestingly, that friend mentioned that he was at a social gathering in which he found himself talking to a married couple who immigrated from China. He told me that they said the things they see happening in America now remind them of what happened in their native country in the Cultural Revolution.

“You know that that’s what my book is about, right?” I said to my friend. He did not.

I went on to say that I keep hearing this same message over and over from immigrants to America from Communist countries, but nobody in the media ever writes about it. They don’t want to know. I told him I’ve sold 100,000 copies of Live Not By Lies in five months, based largely on word of mouth, as the mainstream media have ignored it.

“There is zero chance that [his news organization] would cover your book,” he said, angrily. He wasn’t apologizing, nor should he apologize. He was angry because as an honest liberal, he knows that this is a story — what immigrants from Communist countries are saying — but one that his news organization would suppress because it doesn’t fit the Narrative.