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Melanie Diodati Speaks Truth To Power

Faithful Catholic theology grad student will not be intimidated by woke commissars, is leaving the university
Villanova University campus

Recently Melanie Diodati, a Catholic theology grad student at Villanova University, tweeted out her disgust with the Catholic university’s public stance contrary to the Church’s teaching:

You may recall my blogging in years past about ultrawoke Villanova theologian Katie Grimes, America’s Theological Sweetheart™. For example, though she’s white, and a Catholic theologian teaching at a Catholic university, she has written that the Catholic Church is suffused with “white supremacy,” and that the Eucharist and baptism are sacraments compromised by race hatred. She was ahead of her time! Also, she queers Thomas Aquinas. So that’s the environment that Melanie Diodati studies in.

You can imagine how well her tweet went over in her department. Now she has tweeted out some updates:

That woman has guts — and, unlike the department she’s leaving, the Catholic faith. A Catholic university theology department that makes room for Katie Grimes, but not Melanie Diodati, has shown its soul, or lack thereof. Diodati will shake the dust off of her feet, and thrive in her next school. What an inspiration she is! If you were put to the test like Melanie Diodati was, would you pass?