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Mayorkas Must Be Held Accountable at His Senate Trial

Tabling the DHS secretary’s impeachment is an insult to the American people.

Credit: Iev radin

The House managers have officially delivered the letters of impeachment for Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to the Senate. For weeks, I have been calling for the Senate to conduct a full and fair trial. Now is the time for every Senator to go on the record.

Do you think Mayorkas has done a good job at the border? Has Mayorkas fulfilled the oath he swore before this body to protect and defend our country against all threats, foreign and domestic? Is our border secure?


The answer is simple. Mayorkas has intentionally failed to do his job. Now, Senator Schumer and the globalist Democrats have the opportunity to conduct a trial before the entire Senate and the public.

Unfortunately, that’s not how this is going to play out. Democrats are going to try to table—or dismiss—the articles of impeachment, which has never been done in the history of the Senate. They’re going to attempt to sweep the border crisis that President Biden has created under the rug. Every single House Democrat voted to save Mayorkas’ job. They endorsed our wide-open borders that have allowed terrorists, drug traffickers, and murderers into our country.

Democrats are lying to themselves and risking the lives of every American. Senator Schumer and the Democrats can’t say they want to fix our border while voting to save Mayorkas’ job. Mayorkas has been derelict in his duty to secure the border in the three years he has been in the job.

Our border is the least secure it has ever been; in fact, it’s almost nonexistent. Our Border Patrol agents are so overwhelmed, and receive such little support from the Biden administration to enforce our laws, that they have been forced to release millions of illegal immigrants into the U.S. To make matters worse, those who are released on parole are given work permits. The Biden administration is more concerned with taking care of illegal aliens than it is about protecting American citizens. We might as well start mailing every criminal, drug trafficker, and terrorist an open invitation to cross our borders.

I have spoken numerous times on the Senate floor to highlight stories of Americans who have died at the hands of illegal aliens. Their tragic deaths are a direct result of Secretary Mayorkas’ inaction. Mayorkas and Joe Biden have blood on their hands. The most important responsibility of any sovereign nation is the safety of its citizens.


Yet the Department of Homeland Security just announced they plan on sending another $300 million dollars to communities receiving illegal aliens from this border crisis. The top priority of this administration is to let as many people in as quickly as possible, regardless of how many American lives are lost in the process.

The number of people crossing into the U.S. who are on the terrorist watchlist is unprecedented. Just last week, it was reported that an Afghan on the FBI terror watchlist has been in the U.S. for almost a year. He is a member of a U.S. designated terrorist group responsible for the deaths of at least nine American soldiers and civilians in Afghanistan. ICE arrested him in San Antonio just this past February. Unfortunately, this known terrorist has been released on bond and is now roaming our neighborhoods.

It isn’t just terrorists we have to worry about. Fentanyl flows freely across our borders, and it has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans. Law enforcement officers in Alabama tell me time and again how their officers must wear heavy equipment and carry Narcan spray to protect themselves from the fentanyl that is pouring into our communities.

Despite the critical need to secure our borders and discourage illegal immigration, Mayorkas has been traveling the world, lecturing other countries about their national security, while his refusal to enforce U.S. laws has exposed his own country to invasion. It’s embarrassing. 

In February, he traveled to Austria to speak with Chinese officials about counter-narcotic efforts. Did he discuss with them the flood of Chinese illegal immigrants coming to the U.S. through the southwest border? 22,000 Chinese nationals have been arrested by border patrol agents at the southwestern border since October of last year. 

Most of these individuals are single adult males of military age. Yet the media tries to act as if all these people crossing the border are innocent women and children. Some of them are, but most are not. This invasion is more than a border crisis. It’s a national security crisis. And yet, I seriously doubt Mayorkas even brought that up in his meeting with Chinese officials.

In February, he was in Germany for the Munich Security Conference. The Munich Security Conference is the largest international security meeting in the world. Mayorkas was there, giving speeches on strengthening global security and partnerships. Meanwhile, the border he is responsible for is wide open.

The secretary’s priority should be here—securing our borders and protecting our citizens. President Biden has made the U.S. a joke on the world stage. Under this administration, nearly 10 million people have illegally invaded our country. Every state is now a border state. 

This is not a gray area. Secretary Mayorkas has intentionally failed to do his job. It is high time that the Senate take action.

To my Democratic colleagues: Have you read the heartbreaking stories of innocent Americans who have been murdered by illegal aliens? Are you concerned about the safety of your spouses, children, nieces or nephews? Does it worry you that hundreds of terrorists are flooding into our country? Do you know someone who has died of fentanyl, which was trafficked into our country by cartels?

This isn’t about politics. Our national security and our country’s future is at stake here. Americans deserve to know the truth about how Secretary Mayorkas has intentionally failed to secure the border.

I will be voting to hold Mayorkas accountable.

This text is adapted from a floor speech delivered by the senator.