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In Paris, Illegal Algerian immigrant rapes, tortures, and murders French girl
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A shocking murder in Paris:

A 24-year-old Algerian national was indicted for " murder of a 15-year-old minor accompanied by rape, torture or acts of barbarism ", Monday in Paris, after the sordid murder of a 12-year-old schoolgirl named Lola, Friday in the 19th arrondissement of the capital. She was remanded in custody, according to a judicial source. This woman and a 43-year-old man had been presented to an examining magistrate for an indictment after the discovery of the body of the schoolgirl in a plastic crate . A judicial inquiry has been opened.

The suspect, who is said to be suffering from mental disorders, was arrested at dawn on Saturday in Bois-Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine). She would have taken the victim to her sister's apartment, living in the same building as the child, and would have forced her to take a shower before committing sexual assaults and violence on her that resulted in death, specifies the Paris prosecutor's office in a press release. “ A zero and a 1 were written in red under each foot of the victim ”, according to the public prosecutor of Paris, Laure Beccuau. " It doesn't make me hot or cold ," the suspect reportedly told investigators who presented her with pictures of Lola's body, according to AFP. “ I too was raped and saw my parents die in front of me“, she would have added.

“The suspect has no criminal record as the perpetrator but only one as a victim of domestic violence in 2018” , tells us a source close to the investigation. This woman arrived legally in France in 2016 with a student residence permit. She had been notified of an obligation to leave the territory (OQTF), with a voluntary return period of 30 days, after being arrested on August 21, 2022 at an airport by the police. The latter had then noted a lack of residence permit, details a source close to the investigation. In an irregular situation, she had no longer been talked about with the police until the tragedy.


In other words, the alleged killer was an illegal alien from Algeria.

I messaged a friend in Paris and asked him what I thought would happen as a result of Lola's rape, torture, and murder. Our exchange; his words in white:

He's probably not wrong. Just chant "La diversité est notre force" until the bad thoughts recede.

Don't be too quick to judge the French here. We do the same kind of thing: avert our collective eyes when the perpetrators of violent crime are part of a sacred victim demographic.


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Giuseppe Scalas
Giuseppe Scalas
This crime is a horror and nobody as a parent is more horrified than I am. However, we should not fall into the mistake of laying this at the feet of the Algerian community. As much as I loathe illegal immigration and the anarchy and chaos it brings about, this is something that we must avoid. This is a horrible crime according to every standard of humanity.
The liberal mentality is still an accessory to this crime, though. Liberals have long refused to deal with mental illness also as a public security issue. This has led to thousands of mentally ill and potentially dangerous people roaming free in European cities.
I had a recent personal experience in this respect.
schedule 5 months ago
    Seconded. The answer to this is more border controls, more deportation of illegal migrants, and less tolerance for crime and mental illness run amok in cities. Not unproductive arguments about race.

    Making the argument about that is usually what the people that want to do nothing want, because it turns a practical issue into one about racial equality and most people in the US and Europe simply do not want to argue over that.
    schedule 5 months ago