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‘Live Not By Lies’ In Italy

Plus, info on how you can help us make the 'Live Not By Lies' documentary
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I have some Live Not By Lies news for you. Italian readers can buy the translation now, I believe, and can come hear me talk about it next week in Rome, Milan, Ferrara, and Verona.

For more information about these events, e-mail info — at — giubileiregnani — dot — com

Second, I got information the other day from the producers raising money for a LNBL documentary here in the US. They are R.J. Moeller and David Jacobson; the director who has committed to the project is Justin Folk, who directed 2019’s hit No Safe Spaces. I spoke to my friend Tucker Carlson the other day about the book, and about the lessons we both learned from Hungary about the importance of waking up Americans to the dangers from soft totalitarianism and the woke movement. He agreed to be interviewed for the documentary.

The plan is to get this film made and in distribution in time for the 2022 election season. What the filmmakers plan to do is follow the book’s thesis — namely, that some aspects of contemporary wokeness remind people who escaped Soviet communism of what they left behind — and allow those people who lived it to explain why. The film will also, following the book, interview brave men and women who stayed behind and resisted totalitarianism, giving viewers advice on how to prepare to stand firm in the face of persecution. Totalitarianism — soft or hard — is not fated, but until and unless we wake up as a nation and take firm, decisive measures to stop it, we are going to be left behind to resist. If the Live Not By Lies movie succeeds, it will not only convince viewers to take strong action now to forestall the advance of totalitarianism, but will also teach them how to prepare themselves, their families, and their churches for the coming persecution.

If you believe in this project, please reach out to R.J. and Dave for more information on how you can donate to it. They are taking both tax-deductible donations and for-profit investments. Timing is really important. I think that the instability we can all see made manifest by the catastrophe in Afghanistan, and what it says about our elites, should signal to us that we are a lot closer to a general calamity than we think. Live Not By Lies has done very well in print — it has now sold over 130,000 copies — but a documentary film will have much wider reach. Plus, the older dissidents from Soviet communism are aging, and dying out. It is vital that we get their testimonies on tape now. We can only do this if we have the funding.

I would point out too that though I wrote the book for my fellow Christians, Live Not By Lies has developed a following among non-Christians, including the Orthodox Jewish commentator Dennis Prager (I’m headed out to L.A. next month to film a PragerU spot for it), the liberal Jewish writer and anti-woke activist Bari Weiss, and anti-woke left-wing secularists Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying. This book and its message is for all of us who want to live in freedom.

I leave on Wednesday for Rome. At week’s end, I will be giving an address to a large group of Christians from all over Europe who are committed to building bonds and networks across denominational lines and international borders, so we can help each other in the coming resistance. Now is the time to act. If the book’s message speaks to you, and you have money to invest, please write to R.J. and Dave at LiveNotByLiesProject — at — gmail — dot — com



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