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Listen: Helen Andrews on NYT Podcast about 2020 election

She joined Ross Douthat on the NYT Opinion Section podcast, 'The Argument,' to debate conservative support for President Trump
TAC senior editor, Helen Andrews.

TAC’s Senior Editor, Helen Andrews, and Editor-at-Large, Dan McCarthy, talked with New York Times‘ columnist, Ross Douthat, about how conservatives should view the upcoming presidential election:

What do Trump supporters talk about when they talk about 2020? This week on “The Argument,” Ross Douthat hosts a special intra-right debate over whether conservatives should support Trump in 2020. He plays “moderate squish” (i.e., NeverTrumper) to Pro-Trump conservatives Dan McCarthy, the editor of Modern Age, and Helen Andrews, a senior editor of The American Conservative. They disagree with Ross about the president’s handling of the coronavirus and argue against his ultimate question for Republicans in 2020: Should conservatives actually hope for a Trump loss in November?

You can read more about the interview and listen here.



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