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The Left-Wing Rage Machine

Social Justice Warriors are attacking and intimidating people -- including those defending liberal democracy
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I urge you to play the video, but don’t do it at work, or where children are present, because the language used by antifa is filthy. Notice that these thugs include white people using racist anti-white language to order drivers to do as they say.

Is this America? Is this routine in Portland? Why are the Portland police not arresting these people. This video captures the faces of some of them. Arrest them. Jail them.

Meanwhile, in Austin, Texas, left-wing radicals doxxed the Young Conservatives of Texas, right-of-center college students who held a peaceful pro-Kavanaugh demonstration. I won’t link to the group’s page because I don’t want to contribute to what they did, but I will show you a couple of screenshots of their doxxing University of Texas officials who stepped in to protect the conservative students’ right to free speech. I’ve not featured their faces, or their phone numbers, which are all on the original document:

Where is the law? This group is trying to organize a harassment campaign against these students for peacefully expressing their political opinions. What they’re doing is not an attack against conservatism per se; it’s an attack on liberalism, and liberal democracy.

The Texas student who sent me that sends this video of the attack on the conservative students. It’s NSFW because of the language. I strongly urge you to listen to it when you can do so safely:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oS3Afp7nVdU]

The reader explains:

You get to hear the insane explanations of the leftists to the administrator for why they are entitled to assault people with differing views. This is truly a sort of madness. I don’t think the students on this video are part of some Soros conspiracy, I think they show us in general how corrupt universities and social media have radicalized a broad chunk of young people. These young people are not fit for civil discourse in a free country. They have no concept of due process, freedom of speech, etc. Everything is a weapon–they interpret every social/political norm as a weapon for or against their ideology. They have no conception of neighborliness or fellow citizens–people with whom they share a bond deeper than political ideology or these horrific race/gender/orientation identities. The universities–and let’s just name the University of Texas–are not merely failing to produce citizens, they are quite successfully breeding anti-citizens who will lead this country into violent civil strife, thereby enabling authoritarian rule by whichever side wins.

Along those lines, a female reader of this blog left this comment on a thread about Alexis Grenell’s shocking New York Times op-ed denouncing “white women” for worrying that their sons, brothers, and fathers might be falsely accused of rape. Grenell, who is a white woman, lambasted them over what she calls a “blood pact between white men and white women.” My reader commented

Many white women have, in fact, made a kind of “blood pact” with white men: we call it “family” in saner times. The expectation that abstract loyalty to any random person who shares one’s gender should override one’s loyalty to their actual fathers, brothers, husbands, and sons (as well as their actual mothers, sisters, and daughters) is profoundly sad.

With more and more fatherless homes and very small families, I wonder how many women go through life with no tight, enduring, loving, secure bonds with a father, husband, brother, or son. Family is where these bonds that transcend individual identity can form. But if your marriage can be dissolved for no reason, even the most primary bonds are insecure. Without that, it’s just tribe vs. tribe.

It is worth considering that many of these hysterical activists really do despise the family, and are eager to see families turn on each other over politics. Consider this tweet, from the senior art critic at New York magazine:


Anyone — left-wing or right-wing — who would turn their back on a family member over the family member’s politics is a disgrace. I have family members and good friends with whom I disagree strongly on politics. Anybody who tries to come between us can go to hell.



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