Today Clark Stooksbury cites American Conservative editor Scott McConnell’s encounter with Senator-elect Jim Webb and Webb’s discussion with him of one of Prof. Paul Schroeder’s TAC articles.  Who wants to bet that George Allen has read The American Conservative?  If I had any doubts about cheering on Webb’s election before now, this lays them all to rest.

Webb is also the subject of one of the topics of the bloggingheads discussion between Ross Douthat and Spencer Ackerman from last Friday.  I certainly wouldn’t say that the discussion as a whole was all that dull, and I found the section on Webb to have some very interesting parts.   

Webb’s recent WSJ op-ed full of his economic populist themes is available here.  In that op-ed, he wrote:

More troubling is this: If it remains unchecked, this bifurcation of opportunities and advantages along class lines has the potential to bring a period of political unrest. Up to now, most American workers have simply been worried about their job prospects. Once they understand that there are (and were) clear alternatives to the policies that have dislocated careers and altered futures, they will demand more accountability from the leaders who have failed to protect their interests. The “Wal-Marting” of cheap consumer products brought in from places like China, and the easy money from low-interest home mortgage refinancing, have softened the blows in recent years. But the balance point is tipping in both cases, away from the consumer and away from our national interest.