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Thrasymachus on the Crazy Angelo Codevilla

In Codevilla’s fevered imagination, instead of the Iraq war, we should be having the Arabian war. We could take the same results that we have achieved in Iraq (going from zero Americans killed by Iraqi terrorists in a year to a thousand killed) and just multiply it by 700 million Muslims worldwide.

Codevilla makes a few other completely bizarre statements, mostly about Israel.

Buchanan’s antipathy toward Israel clashes with traditional American statecraft, since few things are clearer than the natural tendency of Bible-reading Americans, from John Winthrop to Ronald Reagan, to identify with Israel. Buchanan does not see why that makes us, as much as Israel, a target for Islamic radicals. Hence in practice he does not favor war against this set of America’s enemies.

Well, maybe it’s because Buchanan is neither insane nor a traitor.

Codevilla then accuses Niall Ferguson of ‘blaming America’ because Ferguson says ‘the U.S. helped “Israel establish military superiority over the Arab counties, forcing the Palestinians to resort to terrorism….”‘ ~Thrasymachus

For a time my father subscribed to, and I read, The Claremont Review of Books. Then came 9/11 and the Great Unhinging of Angelo Codevilla’s Mind, somewhat exemplified by his latest article, that made it painful even to contemplate looking at a copy of the Review. My compliments to Thrasymachus on making short work of one of the true looneys of our time.

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