There are very few Floridians that think Marco Rubio should run for president:

If Florida voters had their say, Marco Rubio would stay in the Senate and ditch whatever plans he may have of running for president.

According to the Mason-Dixon poll, this view is shared widely among Florida Republicans. 68% of Republicans in the state say that Rubio should seek re-election for his Senate seat rather than pursue the GOP presidential nomination. Just 19% of them want to see a Rubio presidential bid. This isn’t limited to Republicans. 56% of independents want him to run for re-election, and only 18% want him to run for president.

That suggests that there is no groundswell in Rubio’s home state in favor of a presidential campaign, and it further suggests that he would probably fare poorly in Florida if he chose to run against Bush there. Considering Rubio’s anemic polling outside of his home state, the lack of any obvious reason for him to run in this cycle, and his liabilities with conservative voters, Rubio would be wise to stay where he is and work on getting re-elected. If these numbers are even close to right, a presidential campaign would not only lead nowhere, but it could very well jeopardize his chances at re-election later on. However, the most recent reports indicate that Rubio is likely to jump into the crowded 2016 field in spite of all of this. If this poll is any indication of what he can expect in his own backyard, he is about to make a big mistake.