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The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

Debating Scottish independence. Freddy Gray surveys the debate in Britain ahead of the September referendum.

Amash vs. the NSA. John Hudson profiles libertarian Republican Rep. Justin Amash.

Orthodoxy and the Arab Christian tradition. Adam DeVille interviews the editors of the new book The Orthodox Church in the Arab World, 700-1700: An Anthology of Sources.

How much help should the U.S. give Nigeria? Steven Metz makes the case for a limited U.S. role with conditional support.

Why Boko Haram wasn’t added to the FTO list earlier. Kathy Gilsinan explains why adding the group sooner wouldn’t have made a difference.

Why India’s elections are hard to predict. Heather Timmons reviews the poor record of opinion and exit polling in India.

India’s electoral revolution. Ashutosh Varshney comments on the significance of the BJP’s victory.

One reason why Congress imploded. Adam Taylor rounds up examples of Rahul Gandhi’s many blunders before and during the campaign.

Which foreign countries spend the most to influence the U.S.? Colby Itkowitz reports on the ten countries that spend the most on public relations in America.

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