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The U.S.-Backed Assault on Yemeni Port Has Started

ABC News reports [1] on the start of the Saudi coalition’s attack on the port of Hodeidah:

As many as 22 million people – three-quarters of Yemen’s population – could be at risk of losing access to necessary food and medicines they receive through the port, amid a worsening humanitarian crisis on the verge of famine that the U.N. has described as the world’s most dire.

“Any attack on or significant, long-term disruption of operations of the port will have catastrophic consequences for the people of Yemen,” Frank McManus, the International Rescue Committee’s country director in Yemen, told ABC News.

The Saudi coalition has waged their war on Yemen with flagrant disregard for the lives of the civilian population, and with the attack on Hodeidah they are doing the same thing on a larger scale. The U.N. and aid agencies have all warned against this attack because of the horrific consequences that will follow, and as usual the coalition governments have ignored those warnings and pressed ahead anyway. The U.S. has been a major enabler of the coalition’s war effort for the last three years, but instead of using its leverage with the coalition to prevent this atrocity the Trump administration is going along with and actively helping the attack. The Saudi coalition has been imposing collective punishment on the people of Yemen for three years in their bid to starve the country into surrender, and by attacking the port that the vast majority the population relies on for their food, fuel, and medicine they are intensifying their efforts to strangle Yemen to death. We are witnessing a massive crime being committed against the people of Yemen, and once again the U.S. is aiding and abetting the governments responsible for it.

It is important to understand that the Saudi coalition would not have made it this far without U.S. military assistance. The U.S. is not simply an indifferent bystander. Our government is an active participant and belligerent in this shameful and atrocious war. Hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of Yemenis may die in the coming weeks and months because our government values good relations with reckless despots much more than it values their lives.

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3 Comments To "The U.S.-Backed Assault on Yemeni Port Has Started"

#1 Comment By a spencer On June 13, 2018 @ 4:31 pm

It doesn’t inspire confidence to think this will end under Trump, particularly not with the people who currently have his ear. Maybe I’m wrong, it seems there is growing awareness in Congress. But until it cuts the funding or a serious candidate from either party comes along and says “Bacevich will be in my Cabinet”, it looks like US involvement invariably escalates. The UAE is trying to build a military base on the island of Socotra, to the chagrin of the locals. When Americans start coming home in coffins and having their names read aloud at the end of the NewsHour – location “Taiz” – is there any chance the Trump Administration says “this has gone too far” or rather “this is our chance for a proxy war with Iran!”

Americans should not die in Yemen. Not for this cause. Even if there was a political settlement, there would be retribution after the foreigners left, if they leave. The Houthis are no angels and if the UAE is stuck on Hadi as their puppet, so be it, the country looks like it will split again. But it needs to end. Should have never started, going all the way back to Hadi’s ‘election’.

Meanwhile, next year we’ll celebrate the first 18 year old shipped off to Afghanistan to be born after that war began.

#2 Comment By so very sorry On June 13, 2018 @ 4:57 pm

I wish there were something that could be done. There is an awful sense of helplessness, of inevitability. We must take our government back from the creeps who have connived at this disaster.

#3 Comment By b. On June 13, 2018 @ 8:11 pm

“The U.N. and aid agencies have all warned against this attack because of the horrific consequences that will follow, and as usual the coalition governments have ignored those warnings and pressed ahead anyway.”

The US and its allies press ahead precisely *because* the consequences are horrific. It is the leverage they seek.

One does wonder – What Would Clinton Do? Rubio? Cruz?

We already know what Pelosi, Schumer etc. would do – absolutely nothing.