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The Horrifying Starvation of Yemen Continues

There is not officially a famine in Yemen yet, but conditions are horrible and continue to get worse:

A U.N.-backed report on Yemen has found no full-blown famine in the country but said 60 percent of Yemenis, or 17 million people, are in “crisis” or “emergency” food situations, 20 percent more than in June [bold mine-DL].

Several of the wealthiest states in the world have done this to one of the poorest through two years of war and blockade, and our government has aided and abetted the intervention that created these conditions the entire time. Millions of people are at risk of dying from starvation and preventable diseases, and all so that a few despotic governments could be “reassured” of U.S. support and indulged in their excessive fears of Iran. The U.S. has helped bring about the ruin of an entire country whose people did nothing to us. The people of Yemen have had the misfortune of being targeted by U.S. clients with U.S. support, which has meant that their lives don’t count as far as most of our political class is concerned.

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