Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki of Iraq and King Abdullah II of Jordan abruptly backed out of a meeting with President Bush on Wednesday, leaving the White House scrambling to explain why a carefully planned summit meeting had suddenly been cut from two days to one. ~The New York Times

The reason is pretty simple.  The Shi’ite government, whom we are supposed to show that we are reliable allies, is entirely unreliable and beholden to its master, Sadr, who very clearly told Maliki not to go to the meeting on pain of losing Sadr’s deputies’ support (and, more importantly, earning the wrath of the Jaish al-Mahdi).  Maliki ignored him, Sadr suspended participation of his deputies in the government and now Maliki is doing at least part of what Sadr wanted. 

The United States has no real ally in the government in Iraq.  Time to come home.