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Paul Endorses Military Action Against Iran

Rand Paul’s position on Iran keeps getting worse:

Republican presidential candidate and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul says he supports military action against Iran to prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon, even though he says it would only delay Iran getting a bomb.

This is in some respects the worst position Paul could take. He acknowledges that attacking Iran won’t actually prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon if that is what their government is intent on doing, but he still backs military action for the sake of “prevention.” More to the point, Paul is endorsing preventive–and therefore unnecessary–war as an acceptable and appropriate policy. If there are still any Paul supporters that have been trying to find a silver lining in the senator’s increasingly hawkish foreign policy positions, this should be enough to persuade them to stop trying. Attacking Iran would be grossly illegal and unnecessary, and any politician that would support such an attack shouldn’t be trusted with the presidency. That applies to Walker, and it also applies to Paul.

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