Why anyone would be inclined to heed the requests of buffoons at lgf, I have no idea, but it is useful to remember that the thought policing of the conservative movement on matters related to Israel is constant, obnoxious and tiresome.  A war with Iran is actually in the interests of neither the Israeli people nor those of the American people, and it is not in the interest of the region as a whole, either.  Mr. Buchanan continues to do invaluable service to our country in making the necessary arguments against wars that are not in the national interest.  In his latest column, he said:

No ally, no client state, should ever be allowed to drag America into a war she has not chosen, constitutionally, to fight.

This is simply common sense and patriotism. 

Update: The geniuses at lgf have put in a redirect on the first link above, so there’s no point in clicking on it.  Suffice it to say, they are calling for banning Pat Buchanan from Townhall.com.