I think Doug Bandow is slightly annoyed by the alternating “blame the Iraqi people, blame the American people” excuses being made by various warmongers.  He doesn’t seem to buying the new official line:

Who’s fault is Iraq? It is the fault of those who opposed social engineering at home but SUPPORTED social engineering abroad. It is the fault of those WHO BACKED the invasion. It is the fault of those WHO BOTCHED the occupation. It is the fault of those WHO REFUSED TO ACKNOWLEDGE the growing mess in Iraq or ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for creating the mess. The problem isn’t a wimpy American people. Or an obstructive opposition. It is the fault of a coterie of IGNORANT, ARROGANT, and INCOMPETENT ideologues, who decided to turn the Middle East into their sand box, and have now left the mess for the rest of us to clean up.

Mr. Bandow is entirely right.  The latest episodes of treacherous buck-passing by the people with the ruin of Iraq on their heads are impressive in their singular lack of any shred of moral or intellectual integrity.  I knew the warmongers had it in them to be even more disreputable.