Ann Coulter seems to be angling for an appointment in the Romney administration:

He is the rare elected Republican who is tough on illegal immigration. He has forcefully denounced Obama’s dangerous foreign policy.

But the facts are irrelevant to people busy fighting the last war. It’s not about Romney at all, but their own posing.

It’s true that Romney has denounced Obama’s foreign policy. In the process, he has managed to confirm that he doesn’t know very much about foreign policy issues, especially when it comes to Russia. What’s strange is that Coulter begins her column by ridiculing the Republican habit of supporting every military action overseas (including Libya and escalation in Afghanistan), because, you see, Republicans “are the party that cares about American national security and does not fling troops around the globe just to look tough.” As long as we ignore the last eleven years, that might make sense.

She then somehow fails to mention that Romney supported Obama’s escalation in Afghanistan, is flatly opposed to any timed withdrawal from Afghanistan, and supported the Libyan war from the beginning. Moreover, Romney’s denunciations of Obama on foreign policy are based on the assumption that Obama has been insufficiently aggressive and assertive in his use of force and his willingness to intervene in the conflicts of other states. If one had to come up with a brief description of the foreign policy Romney promises to conduct, flinging “troops around the globe just to look tough” would be a good one. He wants an increased U.S. military presence in the Gulf, the western Pacific, and goodness knows where else.

Romney was not at all tough on illegal immigration when he was actually an elected Republican in Massachusetts. He was the moderate or liberal that Coulter pretends that he has never been. He has since become much tougher on illegal immigration as his political ambition has required. He hasn’t actually been serving in an elected office for over five years, and in that time he has very carefully pandered to conservatives on immigration. There is no reason to believe that he wouldn’t turn around tomorrow and pander to someone else it if were useful to him.