For those desperate for late-breaking Canadian Liberal Party leadership election coverage, Andrew Cunningham (the Ectomorph himself) and Pithlord have you covered.  Ecto has a great description of Michael “We Must Be Evil To Beat Evil” Ignatieff’s convention speech:

The final speaker, Ignatieff, was something else — really weird. If I hadn’t known what famous public figure this was, I might well have guessed “L. Ron Hubbard”. His speaking manner seemed evilly hypnotic, replete with demands for the audience to chant little catchphrases back at him. I just can’t see Mr. and Mrs. Canada falling for such an…odd fellow. From a Conservative point of view, I’m really hoping Ignatieff wins, of course, but I think he just lost it. Non-supporters at the convention won’t be won over by someone who seems so out of place in politics — not to mention in the party and even the country.