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Jeb Bush’s Disgraceful Dodge

No doubt Jeb Bush would like us to focus on anything but the disastrous war he supported.
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Jeb Bush has forgotten that he is supposed to stop digging once he’s in a hole:

Likely Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush said Wednesday that questioning about how he would have handled Iraq War authorization “does a disservice” to military service members killed in action [bold mine-DL].

If anyone is doing a disservice to Americans that died in the unnecessary war in Iraq, it is the politicians that refuse to acknowledge the folly of the war. Nothing could be more self-serving and disrespectful to those killed and injured in the Iraq war than to hide behind them in order to duck a basic and easy question about foreign policy that any candidate for the presidency should be expected to answer candidly. Bush supposedly wants to be president, but he doesn’t know how to handle the simplest questions that are put to him on one of the most important foreign policy issues of the very recent past.

Bush says that “the focus should be on the future,” which is what every politician embarrassed by his support for failed and ruinous policies is bound to say. No doubt he and many other Iraq war supporters would like the rest of us to focus on anything but the disastrous war that they backed, but that is exactly why they need to be made to answer the questions about it again and again. The fact that Bush can’t offer a coherent or satisfactory answer to these questions about the Iraq war tells us that he hasn’t learned any of the right lessons and would make similar blunders if he were president.



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