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A Short Course In Social Justice™

James Lindsay, scourge of the Social Justice Warriors, explains their sick scam
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You likely last read about James Lindsay in this space when I praised his fantastic essay on “Postmodern Religion and the Faith of Social Justice.” I cannot recommend it strongly enough. Between Lindsay’s essay, and Yuri Slezkine’s work explaining how Bolshevism was an apocalyptic millenarian cult, I came to understand the profound connection between totalitarian communism and the ideology of “social justice.”

Back in 2018, he and his colleagues Peter Boghossian and Helen Pluckrose carried out the famous Grievance Studies hoax, for which they deserve medals. They do not mess around with this garbage.

Lindsay just put up a truly great Twitter thread explaining how social justice works. I’m going to quote the whole thing here, and exhort you to follow him on Twitter. The man is brave as hell, and sees right through this sham:

Follow James Lindsay here. 

Do I really need to say it? This is exactly how communism worked. The redefinition of language. The guilt by group membership. The insistence that you have done something wrong, and you will be interrogated without mercy until you admit your guilt. All of it. We are creating that here.

I sent the first draft of my forthcoming book about all this to a close writer friend, seeking her feedback. After the first chapter, she wrote me these encouraging words: “Rod, this is a very important book. It is even more on-target than The Benedict Option. It nails it. It brings into focus something all of us were sensing but couldn’t put words to.”

Well, I hope the book is as significant as she says, and that it can help spark a real resistance movement. If it turns out to be a hit, please know that James Lindsay was an inspiration for me. He’s a fairly militant atheist who may not be entirely pleased that a conservative Christian admires his courage and his work, but it’s true.

UPDATE: Reader JoeMerl tells me something I didn’t know:

Have you ever heard of “pinkwashing?” It’s this stupid-ass idea that goes like this:

1.) First of all, SJWs hate Israel, in case you didn’t know. After all, in any political issue there’s an Evil Majority and Good Minority, and since Israel is up against Muslim cultures then they must be an Evil Majority, never mind being a multi-ethnic state founded by Jewish refugees.

2.) The LGBT Movement is firmly SJW, obviously.

3.) The problem: Israel is the only country in the Middle East that has any sort of gay rights. The Palestinians, of course, criminalize homosexuality.

Ergo 4.) Obviously Israel is wrong to have gay rights, because it’s, like, actually a cover-up (“pinkwashing”) for all their horrible, Nazi-like crimes against the Palestinians. (Those Jews, always being sneaky, right?) Also, Palestinian mistreatment of gays, if acknowledged at all, is somehow Israel’s fault. All LGBT allies must hate Israel in solidarity with Palestinians.

Every time I read about this my mind just boggles. Even when you do what they like, they hate you for it.



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