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Ivanka Demchuk, Christian Artist

She will never receive the Church patronage that the corrupt Jesuit mosaicist Marko Rupnik has, but this Ukrainian Catholic mom creates extraordinary images that glorify God
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I wrote last night about a celebrated but morally corrupt and aesthetically repulsive Catholic artist. Now let me tell you once again about an extraordinarily gifted young Catholic artist who, unlike the Jesuit (alleged) lecher Marko Rupnik, will never have a fancy studio in Rome, and never enjoy the patronage of wealthy and well-connected churchmen. She's a wife and mom raising kids, making sacred art, and trying to survive this war in her family's home in western Ukraine. Her name is Ivanka Demchuk, and here is a link to her portfolio. She follows traditional iconic forms (she is a Byzantine-Rite Catholic) but modernizes them beautifully. The top image is her iconic image of the Nativity. Here are some other examples of her work:

St. John the Theologian

The Annunciation

She has so much more -- and you can order them from her Etsy shop here. I encourage you to do so, not only because Ivanka Demchuk's work is truly beautiful -- I own two of her pieces -- but because by doing this, you can support an artist struggling to keep her family alive in a time of war. Shipping can be uncertain now, for obvious reasons, but trust me, when you open the box from Lviv and see the glory of God in Ivanka's images, you will know for certain that you have spent your money well, and that it was worth the wait. Please help the Demchuk family -- and beautify your life with Ivanka's canvases.