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Intersectional Feminism Broke Her

White feminist sick of apologizing to comrades for her race

Writing in the not-at-all-conservative Tablet, Bridget Phetasy informs the world of wokeness that she has had enough. Excerpts:

Since Trump won in 2016, think piece upon think piece has been devoted to the problem with white women. We’ve been labeled “white supremacy in heels,” accused of using our tears as weapons of oppression, and over and over again judged as a group and condemned based on the color of our skin. Much effort has been put into controlling those of us who aren’t getting on board with, as I call it, “The Approved Message.” All these articles and theories about “the problem with white women” basically push the same agenda: if you don’t think like we want you to think and vote like we want you to vote, you hate women and especially, women of color.

I’m done. After years of enduring woke, anti-white women media pieces (written much of the time by upper-middle-class white women), they have finally broken me. Modern feminism demands I live in a constant state of feeling like a victim but if I’m white, I need to simultaneously accept that I’m never going to be victim enough and in fact, I’m actually an oppressor. It’s mind-bending and bananas and I won’t do it.

I have plenty of legitimate reasons to hate myself but I’m not about to add ‘born white’ to the list. I’ll be told I’m the portrait of white fragility for saying so. I’ll be painted as a “gender traitor” and a racist and a shill for the patriarchy.

Intersectional feminism is a trap that pits all women against one another in a race to the bottom. It doesn’t empower—instead, it encourages a perpetual victim mentality, internalized self-loathing and creates a battle between factions of women over who’s the “most oppressed.”

Read the whole thing. Of course she’s right. Intersectionality is a cult. It has nothing to do with justice, only with power. A political party that empowers intersectional true believers is a danger to justice and the common good.

What is wrong with “white feminism” (it’s a term of spite)? Let’s let the intersectional babes of HuffPo tell us:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNdZcegK1lQ]