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Hungary, The Ally We Conservatives Don’t See

While the US establishment -- including conservatives -- go globalist and woke, there are natural allies of the Right here in Europe
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Tonight I was at a private event in Budapest at which I met the country’s Justice Minister, Judit Varga. We had a long conversation. I tell you, if you put this woman on American television, most Americans would think she was the sanest and bravest person they have seen in public life in ages. She is blessedly normal.

I was talking to her in the presence of a couple of other Americans, and though I can’t speak for them, I feel confident that we agree that it is astonishing that such a normal person — a mother of three — can be in such a position of power in a country. This is my second time in Hungary, and like the first time, I am astonished by how fortunate these people are here to have a government that is so in touch with the views of ordinary people. Tonight I did the Thomas Friedman thing, and asked the cab driver taking me to the event to tell me what he thought about the upcoming election. I told the driver, a middle-aged man who told me his daughter, a pharmacist, was fired by her company for refusing to take a third Covid injection, what his view was of the upcoming election. He said, “Well, I’m a nationalist. My father suffered under Communism, so I support our government.” You will never hear from men like him in Western media reporting about Hungary. How likely are you to get the perspective of an Arkansas mill worker in the Times or the Post? Same deal here.

Look, readers: if you have the opportunity to come to Hungary and see for yourself what it’s like here, please do. The reporting in the American media about Hungary is about what you would expect if The New York Times or the Washington Post sent reporters to Louisiana or Alabama. They think people here are malicious fascist hicks ruled by a dictator. In fact, they are so ordinary and common-sense that you can hardly believe it. Earlier this week, I had coffee with a British expat Christian who said he moved here some years ago because he couldn’t bear what his native country was becoming. Hungary is not paradise — there are no paradises — but it is the Texas of Europe: a place where common sense reigns in the face of overwhelming wokeness.

I’m not trying to convince you to be pro-Hungarian or pro-Fidesz, the ruling party. I’m trying to convince you to view US media reporting about this country with deep skepticism. These people, the Hungarians, are among the only ones in Europe who are standing firm in defense of the things that most American conservatives believe. They are the only ones standing firm in defense of things that old-fashioned classical liberals believe. They are anti-woke.

The other visiting American conservative there — someone some of you would know — and I were telling the Hungarians how deeply into decadence our country has gone. In my experience here, it is hard to make them understand how deep the rot has set in. They still want to believe that America is what we once were: a beacon of liberty and sanity. Sorry, friends, it’s not true.

When I got home just now, a lawyer friend in the US sent me this story about the American Bar Association. Read it and rage. Excerpts:

Legal education is about to undergo a revolutionary change, with the American Bar Association poised to mandate race-focused study as a prerequisite to graduating from law school. It’s another instance of woke ideology being forced on the nation, and may necessitate that states revisit the ABA’s government-granted near-monopoly accrediting power.

This race-focused educational mandate is being forced on law schools through the American Bar Association’s Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar (ABA). Much of ABA’s power stems from the federal government. Law students must attend schools whose accreditor is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education to receive federal student loans. The ABA is the only federally recognized law school accreditor.

Yet, ABA’s accreditation power doesn’t depend only on federal law. Graduating from a law school accredited by ABA is required in almost every state for applicants seeking admission to the bar. All 50 states recognize ABA accreditation. With only a small number of exceptions, most accept only ABA accreditation.

Why governments gave the ABA near-monopoly power is disputed. Some say the purpose was to guarantee quality legal training. Others argue that, like any guild, the ABA’s primary motivation was to limit competition.

Whether or not ABA accreditation previously ensured quality, the ABA has become partisan, using its power to promote an ideological agenda.

Read it all. 

This is how the soft totalitarianism I write about in Live Not By Lies is taking hold: not through the government, but through the licensing power of private associations. This is one reason why we cannot vote ourselves out of this crisis — not if our politicians are unwilling to press private associations to abandon wokeness.

How much more of this are we Americans prepared to take? When are we going to get the lawyers’ version of the truckers’ convoy?

I’m telling you, the Hungarians are on our side. We should be on theirs. Today a Hungarian friend sent me links to a series of leaked videos published in a pro-government newspaper showing three prominent George Soros affiliates admitting to the fact that Hungary’s image is actually – and deliberately – distorted in the international media.

Andrej Nosko earned his PhD in Political Science from George Soros’s Central European University. He worked for the Open Society Foundation until 2018 as a director. Watch:





Dalibor Rohac is a Senior Fellow at the neocon American Enterprise Institute. He was also affiliated with the libertarian Cato Institute, which  received funding from George Soros. He ran for office on the 2020 General Elections in Slovakia as a candidate of the liberal PS/SPOLU party, which is indirectly supported by Soros.



Márton Asbóth is a manager at the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union, an NGO regularly receiving funding from George Soros. People who work for the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union are often referred as “independent experts” by the international media, the UN and the European Union.



What these leaked videos reveal are consonant with my experience here. The European Union and the globalists in the US foreign policy apparatus flat out lie or distort reality, and the only way Americans have to get information about what’s happening here in Hungary is from the media and from institutional actors captured by globalists. American conservatives should understand that you cannot trust elite US conservative institutions to tell you the truth about what’s happening in Hungary or among the nationalist parties in continental Europe.

Take a look at this 2021 speech by Judit Varga, the justice minister. Does this woman sound like a fascist to you? Or a common-sense politician?