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Heretics Beclown Selves With Penny Cost

Supergay Florida Methodist church tells children that Jesus wants them to be drag queens
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This clip below, from a United Methodist church in Florida's October 2 service, has been making the rounds on social media. Here is a link to the full service at Allendale UMC in St. Petersburg, Fla. I wish to associate myself with Megan Basham's take on the welcoming of the drag queen "Penny Cost" (Pentecost -- get it?) into the church. Here is an exchange in which one of the pastors of the supergay church corrupts the mind of a child:


"Penny Cost" is a self-described "dragavangelist" who is a candidate for ordination in the Methodist Church. No wonder the Methodists who take Christianity seriously want to get away from these lunatics. He says in a video performance on his website that the Bible is "no more stronger than Tammy Fucking Faye's godd*mn eyelash glue." Yes, seriously.

I was talking earlier this afternoon with a young pastor about winsomeness. I told him that in person, I'm a very winsome guy, but people like these pseudo-Christians at Allendale UMC are well into moneychangers-in-the-temple territory. I have nothing in common with them. They are a scandal. If I thought they had anything at all to do with authentic Christianity, I would go nowhere near church. Imagine telling little children that being not conformed to this world is to be a drag queen! It's disgusting, and in fact, evil. The only comforting thing about this is that the churches that embrace this garbage are going to be dead, dead, dead in a decade or two.

Methodist congregations nationwide are having to decide now whether or not to stick with the UMC, or go into schism. Those that stick with the UMC are choosing to stay on the side of Penny Cost and his enablers. In my own communion, the Orthodox Church, those liberals who want to queer the church ultimately. They will tell you that they only want tolerance and compassion. It always ends up with Penny Cost.


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