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Hawley Vs. The NBA

Senator calls out China hypocrisy, draws obscene rebuke from woke NBA journalist
Hawley Vs. The NBA

Sen. Josh Hawley sent a letter to the NBA Commissioner protesting the league’s decision to allow its players to wear woke slogans on their jerseys, but not speak a word of protest on behalf of those persecuted by communist China. From his letter:


Good for him!

A very woke reporter for the very woke ESPN was not so impressed. Adrian Wojnarowski, a top ESPN basketball analyst, responded to Hawley:


Wojnarowski subsequently apologized. Still, I appreciated that Sen. Hawley is smoking these hypocrites out. Black lives may matter to the NBA, but Uighur lives do not.

Remember how Saints quarterback Drew Brees got piled on for saying that he believes in standing for the National Anthem, and how he raced to apologize, and to say that yes, Black Lives Matter? Compare that to what happened to the Eagles’ DeSean Jackson, who posted grotesquely anti-Semitic content on his social media account (and later apologized). The disgusting actions of Jackson, who is black, were treated as not that big a deal in sports and media circles. White-guy Brees, though, was treated as History’s Greatest Monster simply for saying that he preferred to stand for the National Anthem, as a matter of patriotism.

We are learning a great deal about the true beliefs of the American corporate and media elites, are we not?

UPDATE: This is the latest:



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