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Half-Right Rubio

State of the Union: Deporting a few errant visa holders will not be enough to stem extremism on our streets. 

Credit: Crush Rush

“Those who incite violence or endorse terrorist activity by supporting Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and attacks against Jews are in violation of the terms of their visas and should no longer be welcomed as guests of America. It really is that simple,” writes Senator Marco Rubio. He is right. While visa holders are protected by free speech laws, this isn’t a question of the First Amendment, but rather of public order, and no great country should invite those determined to destroy the country from within. 

But what about those who are already within? The threat that this country, and Europe, faces are from migrants who are often of the second and third generation.  


The process goes something like this. The western nations allow the mass migration of those who follow their own customs and laws and values without assimilating. They are further taught in colleges and universities that their lives were shaped by forces of western colonialism and nothing is their fault, as they are the noble children of savages. When they reach a critical mass, they demand representation, vote as blocs, and elect people who only care about their interests. Look at the Somalis and Palestinians in the U.S., Pakistanis in the U.K., Turks in Germany, and so on. They riot, and, as seen in Europe, their protests and demands turn increasingly to a show of force. Eventually, they establish parallel societies, ironically similar to settler-colonialists. 

Parts of Europe are lately waking up to that reality, as is much of the Western Jewish diaspora, which has been traditionally liberal and open to mass migration. Something has changed. Across Europe and America, those in the Jewish community are now rethinking their funding of universities and liberal political parties that they have supported for over half a century. 

But simply deporting a few errant visa holders who break laws is not enough. Most will just learn to stay quiet, and then flood the bureaucracy and job market without any change of their views and values. It needs to go far beyond that. 

Colleges and universities are well-known breeding grounds of extremism. The entire national security bureaucracy is targeted at five toothless (metaphorically, of course) white supremacists while ignoring the overwhelming threat of violence from the left. We simply do not have the apparatus to deal with the threat from inside. Euro-American “conservatives,” so traditionally opposed to government overreach and authority, are oblivious to it, wishing it would all just go away. 

In an ironic way, the human rights norms and the managerial legal framework underwritten by the West post-1945 are the chains that currently bind it and are leading it to its own destruction from inside. 

It is urgent for both Europe and the United States to overrule and rewrite those norms, and find the legal framework as well as enforcement capacity to circumvent international human rights laws, implementing mass deportation of those who fail or refuse to assimilate. It is crucial for the survival of the states in their current forms.