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Gender Ideology Ruined The Left

So says a frustrated old-school leftist reader from Scandinavia

Fascinating post from a left-wing Scandinavian reader:

As a millenial and formerly active in the far left, I’d like to contribute my viewpoint here.

First off, just about myself so you know where I’m coming from. Im a 30yr old white man from Scandinavia, and I used to be active in the socialist party, a reformed ex-communist party. I now live abroad, am no longer active in politics, and I enjoy reading american conservative magazines because its terribly interesting to listen to sane people across the aisle.

Now, im gonna be calling the post modernist radical left school of thought for the Queer ideology. And I dont put any value into that term.

The traditional far left, of which I am/have been a part of, has great difficulties with all this Queer thinking. For many of us traditionalists, it almost resembles a bourgoise ideology in its individual liberalism, and we’re certainly not happy with it. To tell you an example, around 10 years ago, I was working with my party to create a survey aimed at party members. Some new greenbie (me) was silly enough to suggest, that on the section where the respondents gender was requested, we would add a checkbox for “other”. I was promptly told no, and made to understand that nobody was interested in opening that pandoras box.

For us traditionalists, the queer ideology is a disaster to our goals and dreams. Yes, we have the dream of a (peaceful) revolution, but it was certainly not this we were imagining. We wanted economic democracy and redistribution of resources, the end to capitalist oligarchy and of imperialist tyranny; not the remake of biological reality and the regression of our language into an orwellian newspeak. Are any of our topics today on the agenda? I dare say not; it’s all been replaced with the demand to acquiesce to an individual desire to identify oneself with whatever thought construct one desires to be, be that a gender fluid sexless Sapiens, or an attack helicopter. The bitterness can certainly be heard in my voice.

Add to this that a large part of the far left is constituted by white, young and middle aged men, and you can understand why signing up for an ideology that demands self-loathing takes more than just a little bit of effort.

Many, if not most of our organisations have been coopted by this ideology, and while its not the only thing we work for and talk about, its something that is taking up a larger and larger share of our resources. Still, considering the climate of intimidation, most wouldnt dream of questioning these truths, so it’s allowed to continue and metamorphose.

However, I think there are some misunderstandings regarding the philosophical structures of the queer ideology, namely the inherent contradictions (oh how we leftists love these) between gender fluidity and trans-activism. Queer activists claim that gender is a social construct. Trans activists claim that their biological body is incoherent with their biological brain. One claims gender and identity is social, the other that it is biological. However hard one tries one cannot square these positions, as ones gender/sex cannot be exclusively social, and exclusively biological at the same time. And pretending to separate gender from sex also doesnt help you, because one position will still be denying the possibility of the other.

These critical differences are currently kept under the rug by all parties (figuratively, I cannot imagine they’ve bothered to think about them yet). But these types of differences do still matter, even if they dont seem to right now. Eventually, as the ideology develops, the adherents to each faction will come up with different answers to the same questions, and the contradictions will start coming into light. By this time, an intellectual split between the factions is impossible to prevent, and should the discourse climate by then be anything remotely similar to todays hysteria, the bloodletting will be massive.

To understand and believe this, I’d like to point out that the same phenomena is happening before our eyes, right now, between traditional feminists and queer ideologues. These were allies, and they were inseperable allies for a long while. But they also had, fundamentally, incompatible foundational ideas, and as queer ideology steered too far away from traditional feminist theory, traditional feminists started to speak up against what they saw as good but misguided intentions. This started happening a few years ago, if you would have followed the internal debates among what was by then simply called “feminists”, you would have seen this. The current public attention to it is only the surface, this has been going on for a few years among feminist circles and forums. And the queer activists have by and large been assaulting (verbally) the few feminists who dared speaking up, branding them as trans haters and whatnot.

Such a rift will happen within the queer community again. It might be less public, because the queer wave might be over by then, or simply by the fact that “true” trans activists (the ones constituting trans people) are rather few compared to the queer activists. But it will inevitably come.

But, venturing into the topic of when this queer wave will be over. It will be, though we can’t say for sure when. We can however trace the causes for it already, and it lies in 1) the ever dwindling base of adherents due to the narrowing few who can still be seen as victims, and 2) the viciousness with which the queer activists eat each other as soon as anyone steps out of line.

No movement can survive by narrowing down its core supporters to fewer and fewer. This is an incredibly dumb and relatively modern tactic of the queer activists, and while the reason why is a complex phenomena, it has much to do with the desire to find new, “more” victimized victims, and the demand that everybody oitside this victim group takes on the moniker “Ally”, and then shuts up.

Secondly, the burn rate among activists is very high, and many of them dont last past that many controversies, when the acceptance for mistakes is so low.

I strongly believe that the wave will burn out sooner or later. Oddly enough, I can imagine it will be carried on for a little while longer by politicians who havent understood that its moment has passed. But, of course, the time it takes for it to burn out will be affected by the resistance it meets.

Personally I do feel a bit of Schadenfreude that traditional feminists are intellectually under attack by their own allies right now. Ive always objected to how feminists have misrepresented male experiences through history, believing men to have gotten to make careers while forcing their poor supressed wives to stay home rearing for kids, while work for most men meant toiling in factories or in the fields under appaling conditions, earning them the shortest life span of the two sexes. Well, I guess there are some internal contradictions between traditional socialist though and feminism as well^^

But, for the sake of stopping this madness, and especially for saving free speech that has been under assault by queer activists, and to save kids from being put under the knives during ages when they’re by law still not allowed to sip on a beer, we need to do exactly what Kellie Minshull asks for; standing up together, regardless of political affiliation, and fight for a return to sanity on these questions.

That’s the thoughts of a European leftist who more and more find himself shoulder to shoulder with American conservatives.

It’s true. As long as a corporation is woke on LGBT issues, it can treat its workers however it likes, and the Left will not complain.



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