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Front Bums And Seahorse Papas

'Trans-inclusive' health care practices that require radical revision to reality

There are people — progressive Christians among them — who condemn my work as “alarmist,” and so forth. One woke preacher the other day denounced my book Live Not By Lies as “an utterly unchristian exercise in dehumanization” in part because I do not lament in its pages “the abuse of transgender Americans.” Well, I’d like you to think about that in light of this exciting document produced by a large Canadian sexual education and services non-profit :


What’s in it? Let’s look. Here are excerpts from the section on how to use language:

“Man/woman of trans experience.” Wow. More:

It’s full of stuff like that — arcane rewriting of language and language usage, which of course is meant to change the way we see reality. It gets even weirder:

We should avoid the unnecessary and problematic gendering of body parts (for instance, calling ovaries, fallopian tubes and uteruses parts of the female reproductive system). We might
also use language such as “people with breasts,” “bodies with penises,” “pregnant people”, rather than “women with breasts,” “male-bodied” or “pregnant women.” For some, however, this may not go far enough.

Words like breast, penis, vagina, uterus, may not be how some trans people refer to their own bodies —some common ways that body parts can be renamed includes breasts being renamed as chests, vaginas being renamed as front bums, penises being renamed as clitorises, but many others are possible. While it may not always be possible to alter official medical consent forms, you can ask your clients what language they use to refer to their body and/or mirror the language that they use and make clear notes about this in the client’s file.

Words used to talk about partnership and parenting can also fall short for trans people. It may seem straightforward—if trans people take on the parenting role associated with their gender identity, then a trans man would be a father, a trans woman a mother. While this may be true for some trans people, it is not always so simple—some trans people might identify as both mother and
father. Other trans people use newly created words, or reclaimed old ones, like zaza, nini and cennend. The reproductive experience of pregnancy can be rebranded as being a seahorse papa, and lactation and chest-feeding reframed as an animalistic, functional process, rather than being quintessentially womanly experiences.

The embodied aspects of parenting can be transformed by trans people who are living in their bodies and forming families on their own terms and changing the language used to refer to these experiences is part of that transformation.

Here’s a potential problem that the guide’s authors walk you through:

In another fictional case, this one involving a genderqueer person named Barkat and Barkat’s partner Ivan, we learn that Barkat is offended by the health care provider using the terms “penis” and “vagina”. Here is part of how the non-profit suggests that the health care provider could have been more sensitive:

While consent documents cannot be changed for medico-legal reasons, it is possible to attach a small note to the forms that states, “We recognize that you may use different language to refer to your body, body parts, and the body and body parts of your partner(s). Please let us know what words you use to refer to your body.” This way, Barkat could have written down that they use ‘front bum’ for their female-assigned genitals, and Ivan uses ‘clitdick’ for their male-assigned genitals, and the counsellor could have altered their discussion of the various birth control methods to reflect this language.

“Front bum” and “clitdick” — the medical provider has to use these pornographic words for “vagina” and “penis,” because to fail to do so is bigotry.

Read it all. It’s insane. This goes far, far beyond “compassion.” Now, imagine that in order to become a licensed medical professional, you have to adapt to this way of regarding the human body, and talking about it. In The Benedict Option, I quoted a prominent Catholic physician, a man who would not let me use his name, saying that he would discourage his children from going into the medical field because he feared that they would be required to affirm policies and engage in practices that violated their consciences, as a condition of licensing. In Live Not By Lies, I quote a Soviet-born US physician at a major American hospital saying that everyone there already has to practice under trans ideology, in particular giving cross-sex hormones to anyone who asks for them, even if doing so goes against the physician’s best medical judgment in that particular case. You would be a fool to speak out against it, the doctor told me, because you would lose your job.

Did you know that this is part of the way transgender ideology is changing health care? Did you know about clitdicks and front bums and seahorse papas? Of course you didn’t; our media will not talk about them, because it would freak people out. Change language, and you change the way people see reality. This is happening in some places, and expanding as wokeness conquers the professions.

But see, people like me who say, “Wake up! This is crazy, and it’s going to change our lives!” — we are the problems. Unchristian. Meanies. The problem with the world.

Seriously, people, think about it: if we can judge a religion, an idea, a way of seeing the world, by its fruits, what are the fruits of gender ideology? Seahorse papas, frontbums, and clitdicks, is what.

UPDATE: This is related. Did you know that the Madison (WI) school district has a formal policy to keep the transgender identity of students, even little bitty ones, hidden from their parents? Does your kids’ school district have the same? They might if they followed the advice of the powerful activist group GLSEN, and its suggested trans student policy model. This is what I mean: these institutional elites are psychologically and politically manipulating people, and doing serious damage:

UPDATE.2: The US Supreme Court, with a 6-3 conservative majority, ladies and gentlemen:

The Supreme Court on Monday declined to take up a challenge by Oregon parents to public school policies allowing transgender students to use bathrooms that match their gender identity.

By declining to hear the case, the justices preserved a federal appeals court’s decision to permit transgender students to use the bathrooms and locker rooms associated with their gender identity instead of their sex assigned at birth.

Parents brought the case against the Dallas School District in Oregon in 2017 after a transgender student was permitted to use the boys’ bathrooms and locker room at the high school.

The parents alleged that the district’s permission for transgender students to use the bathrooms and locker rooms aligned with their gender identity violated the privacy and constitutional rights of other students.

A lower court initially refused to strike down the school district’s policy, prompting the parents to appeal to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which affirmed the lower court ruling.

“The District’s directive interferes with parents’ rights to direct the upbringing of their children, schoolchildren’s rights to bodily privacy, parents’ and children’s free exercise of religion, and children’s rights to be free from hostile educational environments under Title IX,” the parents said in their petition for appeal.

The Dallas School District said in court documents that the parents’ appeal had “innumerable shortcomings” and their argument was “moot since the transgender boy graduated long ago.”

The Supreme Court’s denial of review on Monday means the Oregon parents’ petition for appeal failed to gain support from at least four justices.

I’m guessing that Roberts, Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh joined the court’s three liberals. And maybe more did — we don’t know. Maybe there was a procedural reason for turning this case down. Maybe they’re waiting for a better one. Or maybe we’re just screwed.