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We May Never Know Who Frank James Hates

The New York Times fails to note that the subway attack suspect is a raging anti-white bigot
We May Never Know Who Frank James Hates

Police caught Frank James, the suspect in the Brooklyn subway attack. The New York Times reports on James’s background. Excerpts:

The suspect in Tuesday’s subway attack in Brooklyn appears to have posted dozens of videos on social media in recent years — lengthy rants in which he expressed a range of harshly bigoted views and, more recently, criticized the policies of New York City’s mayor, Eric Adams.

“Harshly bigoted views”? Like what? Who did he hate? More:

The police also released a screenshot of Mr. James taken from a YouTube video posted by a channel belonging to the username prophetoftruth88.

The videos featured a man — who appeared to be the same man in a picture released by the police — delivering extended tirades, many of them overtly concerned with race and violence, often tying those subjects in with current events, including the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the policies of Mr. Adams. Two law enforcement officials said that Mr. James was the person featured in the channel’s videos.

“Many of them overtly concerned with race and violence”? What did he say? Who were the targets of his hateful tirades?

You can’t see the videos because YouTube has taken them down. I think we can be pretty confident about who it was that Frank James hates, if only because the Times is protecting a black violent bigot. It’s almost like if they said what James raged about, we would make a connection between that and the sophisticated anti-white bigotry that the Times and other liberal elites traffick in constantly.

Fortunately, Miranda Devine of the New York Post had a look at James’s videos:

The social media rants of the 62-year-old suspect reveal a man consumed with hatred of white people and convinced of a looming race war.

“O black Jesus, please kill all the whiteys,” was one meme he posted.

He’s not too complimentary about Hispanics, Asians and his own race, for that matter, and claims to have had long-term mental health problems. The 29 victims of Tuesday’s shooting were a multicultural mix, as you would expect in a crowded rush-hour subway train. Police say James detonated a smoke grenade before firing 33 shots on the Manhattan-bound N train. Police found a hatchet, three ammunition magazines, fireworks and gasoline. It’s a miracle no one was killed.

But whatever his psychiatric issues, James sounds very much like other ideologically fixated, identity-obsessed killers who have emerged since the BLM-Antifa racial movement of 2020 and the hate speech it unleashed.

James posted material on social media linked to black identity extremist ideologies, including the Nation of Islam, Black Panthers, Black Liberation Army, BLM and an image of black nationalist cop-killer Micah Johnson.

“White people and black people, as we call ourselves, should not have any contact with each other,” James rants in one of hundreds of YouTube videos posted to a channel under the user name “prophetoftruth88,” from which police took a screenshot to identify him as a suspect, and which was removed from YouTube Wednesday.

In another video, he weeps over the news that new Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson is married to a “white man,” whom he described as the “enemy.”

If you read the Post story, you can see that the paper embedded an excerpt from James’s racist rants.

Do you think for one hot second that if the terrorism suspect had been a white nationalist, that the Times would be downplaying the nature of his online hatred? Please. We are not allowed to notice reality.

Look at this:

I have seen lots of videos of thieves stealing from stores. If you are on social media, so have you. There is a racial angle there, undeniably — at least on evidence of the videos. What does it mean? Certainly not that “all black people are thieves” — that would genuinely be racist. But contrast the evidence of your eyes with the discourse in the liberal media about race, in which all the race-based evil in the world is the fault of white supremacy.

A white friend in America told me recently that she and her husband are moving out of their majority-black city, because they are afraid of the strong upsurge in black crime, including violent shootings now happening in their own part of the city. She’s afraid to admit why, and doesn’t even want to admit it to herself. But she’s afraid — and she’s pissed off that nobody is permitted to talk about it publicly. She told me that she’s sick of the dishonesty of media discourse around race, and the anti-white hatred. I asked her what she could possibly do about it. “I told you,” she said.”We’re moving. We want to live in peace and order.”

She added, “The liberals can blame us [white people] all they want for this, but I don’t care. At the end of the day, we have to think about our families. If they think we’re racist, so what?”

She told me that she and her husband, though conservatives, stayed in their majority black city even though a lot of their white friends moved to the predominantly white suburbs because they wanted to vote with confidence for a multiracial future for their city. They’ve lost that confidence now, and are getting out before the stampede starts, while they can still get a good price for their house.

We finished our text exchange with her saying that between the sharply rising violent crime (all caused by young black men in her city), and the unreality of public discourse about race in America, she and her husband no longer believe they have a future in their city. She said that she and her husband are more afraid of being robbed or shot than they are of having white liberals think badly of them.

You watch: a year from now, if there is any sort of measurable exodus of whites from crime-ridden cities, The New York Times is going to agonize over white flight. An American white liberal in 2022 is someone who blames themselves for their own mugging.

UPDATE: Wow. It’s almost like actual black Americans don’t care so much about what white and black media elites think they should care about:

UPDATE.2: Charles Fain Lehman, in the Washington Free Beacon. Excerpts:

Frank James, the man arrested for Tuesday’s New York City subway shooting, is a black nationalist and outspoken racist who railed against whites, Jews, and Hispanics. A careful reader of the New York Times could be forgiven for overlooking that. In a nearly 2,000-word article on the attack, James’s race is not mentioned. The same is true for the coverage offered up by Reuters; the Washington Post only mentioned James’s race in relation to his condemnation of training programs for “low-income Black youths.”

Media critics on the right say that the conspicuous omission of James’s race from these news reports illustrates a trend among prestige papers, which deemphasize or omit the race of non-white criminals while playing up the race of white offenders. But is it a real pattern?

Yes. A Washington Free Beacon review of hundreds of articles published by major papers over a span of two years finds that papers downplay the race of non-white offenders, mentioning their race much later in articles than they do for white offenders. These papers are also three to four times more likely to mention an offender’s race at all if he is white, a disparity that grew in the wake of George Floyd’s death in 2020 and the protests that followed.

The Free Beacon collected data on nearly 1,100 articles about homicides from six major papers, all written between 2019 and 2021. Those papers included the Chicago TribuneLos Angeles TimesNew York TimesPhiladelphia InquirerSan Francisco Chronicle, and Minneapolis’s Star-Tribune—representatives of each paper did not return requests for comment for this article. For each article, we collected the offender’s and victim’s name and race, and noted where in the article the offender’s race was mentioned, if at all.

The data suggest an alarming editorial trend in which major papers routinely omit information from news reports, presenting readers with a skewed picture of who does and doesn’t commit crime. These editorial choices are part and parcel with the “racial reckoning” that swept newsrooms in the wake of Floyd’s murder, which saw journalists dramatically overhauling crime coverage to emphasize the view that the criminal justice system is racist at the root—perhaps at the expense of honesty about individual offenders’ crimes.

Read it all. The WFB documents what Steve Sailer has called the War On Noticing.

UPDATE.3: Remember the Waukesha Massacre?

UPDATE.4: Andrew Sullivan, telling the truth:

A mass shooting earlier this week was the worst incident on the New York City subway system in 40 years. The man who committed the attack has an extraordinary voluminous record online of his views, which add critical context to his motivations. And if you wanted to know what those views were, the one place you would be unable to find it was the New York Times. In fact, you found out far more about this NYC terror attack in the pages of London newspapers.

Why? The answer, it seems to me, is simple. Frank James is black. And the NYT treats crime very, very differently depending on the race of the suspect. If a white man had perpetrated this act of terror, and had online rantings about how much he hated blacks, we would be in Day Four of analysis of how white supremacist hatred fuels violence. Imagine if a white man had been yelling the following racial expletives in the streets before shooting up a subway station: “Fuck you and your black ass too, you black racist motherfucker” “Slant-eyed fucking piece of shit.” “You’re a crime against fucking nature, you Spanish speaking motherfucker.” But James said exactly that — if you replace the word “black” with “white” in the first quote.

James is obviously mentally unwell. But what’s notable about him is that this derangement is fused with black nationalism and separatism, and hatred of whites. His vicious insults against black people are because they refuse to see the genocidal motives of white people: “It’s just a matter of time before these white motherfuckers decide, ‘Hey listen, enough is enough, these niggers got to go.’” James has absorbed the anti-white narratives in the woke MSM, and sees black people as without agency and permanent under siege: “This is what white bitches and white motherfuckers expect you to be … when you blow one of their fucking brains out — this is what you asked for. This is how you wanted me to be, obviously.”

He generalizes about “white people” the way left-Twitter does: “These white motherfuckers, this is what they do … they kill and commit genocide against each other. What do you think they gonna do to your black ass?” He has picked up the critical race theory doctrine — peddled as fact by the NYT — that America was designed entirely to oppress nonwhites, from 1619 onward: “Why should a nigger be on this planet besides to pick tobacco or sugar plant. There is no natural reason for there to be such a thing as an American negro, African-American, there is no reason for it. Except for you to be a slave. That is your rightful place, it always will be.”

James is in the tradition of Louis Farrakhan: “White people and black people should not have any contact with each other … Jesus and the Bible said some dumb shit … They hate your fuckin’ guts … because they know that your rightful place is as a fucking slave … You had to force them to make you an equal.” The latter sentiment is, of course, a critical CRT doctrine: that no white people were ever instrumental in ending slavery and segregation, a narrative Jon Stewart recently honed in an episode called “The Problem With White People.”

But here’s the kicker: the NYT kept all of this from you. They excised the black nationalist background, and made it seem as if his railing against his fellow blacks proved he was not driven by 1619 ideology, and was just an equal opportunity hater. In the body of their reporting, it took two full days — after at least 21 news items comprising more than 14,000 words — to note in writing that the dude is African-American at all.


Now remember how the NYT covered the Atlanta shootings. There they invented a narrative of white supremacist anti-Asian hatred out of thin air — when there was nothing anywhere in the record to suggest it — and posted nine separate stories framed around that hate-crime narrative. This week, they bury reams of readily available evidence that the shooter was largely motivated by anti-white hatred, and had absorbed the prevailing CRT narrative. And still not a single op-ed or editorial on the terror attack, despite multiple opinion pieces in each of the NYC dailies. NYT: All the news that comports with CRT! Everything else buried deep.

Read it all. 

Our media are liars. Liars! I had dinner tonight with a Hungarian historian, and told him that one of the most important lessons I’ve learned from my six months (cumulatively) living in Hungary is what liars the US media are about Europe. It’s not just about Europe, of course. They have a fixed ideology, from which they will not vary.



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