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France’s Floyd Moment

State of the Union: Western elites’ response to the civil unrest from clashing cultures grows more untenable by the day.

(Photo by VALERY HACHE/AFP via Getty Images)

At this point everyone knows the play. There’s a death, often under unclear circumstances. Before the smoke is clear, there are riots. The riots are dubbed protests “towards justice.” In reality they are anything but, given that most rioters loot consumer goods like shoes, bags, and television sets, and burn down schools, libraries, and the small businesses of those who have nothing to do with the original issue at hand. Most of the riots are carefully planned and organized on social media, whether by BLM and Antifa in Kenosha or Minneapolis, or in the mosques in the French banlieues and suburbs. 

Left-wing politicians call for calm. Right-wing politicians call for control of social media. Police arrest hundreds and then let them off after a few days. No one does anything about the underlying problems of the mass migration of people who are socially incompatible with civilized society, or human rights laws and the NGOcracy that are often shields for disorder. 


This again happened act by act in France; the proximate cause was the shooting of a 17-year-old Algerian man. There are scenes on social media of a library that housed priceless medieval manuscripts being burned down. The library had miraculously survived the Second World War; it did not survive the riots. There are scenes of radicalized Arab kids looting and committing arson, egged on by their elders. There is now an investigation of an attempted murder of the wife and children of a French mayor by rioters who tried to burn the mayoral house down. 

It’s easy to blame it all just on new migration, which of course didn’t help European social cohesion. But that is only partly responsible for what just happened in France. The perpetrators of this outrage are third-generation immigrants from former French North African colonies. Unfortunately, they do not identify as French, and probably never will. That fact should bring everyone rational to a few uncomfortable realizations. 

At some point sane minorities will have to mention in public that uncontrolled mass migration is a curse that often imports incompatible cultures. And culture is a very strong variable regardless of how taboo it is to mention in sophisticated elite circles. Not all minority cultures are the same. Some migrants attempt to integrate. Some do not. It is a fact, and denying it or refusing to study it further will do no one any good, least of all those minorities who want to assimilate to the host culture and contribute towards civilized life. 

Assimilation is a two-way street. If a person remains more concerned about his native culture or country of birth, then he has not made any effort to assimilate and should receive no sympathies in return. 

A final point: If normal political parties fail to restore order by force, and tackle the corrosive human rights NGOcracy, people will eventually elect those who will. 

A self-neutered France, impotent due to European Union’s human rights laws, is teetering on the brink of a civil war following mass unrest and radicalization on both sides. It is haunted by its own history and governed by an elite whose worldview dictated that politics is simply a domain of perpetual management, not action. That is now unsustainable. And that is a lesson for us all.