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Feeling Like a Hero

It’s hard to meet the needs of the moment.

Man at the sunrise
(Photo by Chalabala/Getty Images)

Heroes of the Fourth Turning, by William Arbery, Theatre Communications Group, 120 pages.

Donald J. Trump is a prophet. It is the sort of thing a writer is supposed to say about Pat Buchanan, but no, despite the foreshadowing, Buchanan is an artist. So is Joe Biden, an artist, too. You see, Trump was born in 1946, in the midst of the last civilizational High, the first turning. Buchanan and Biden were born in ’38 and ’42, in the midst of the Second World War, the previous Crisis, the prior fourth turning. Eighty years have come and gone since then, a saeculum, the life of a modern man. The screw of history has turned three times again and Crisis has returned.