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Facebook Hates ‘Live Not By Lies’

In Romania and Hungary, FB makes journalists pay price for publishing Rod Dreher material

In Romania, Live Not By Lies has become a hit. It also got a local journalist kicked off of Facebook. Catalin Sturza, who helped squire me around Bucharest on the book tour, writes on his FB page (he translated this for me):

Journalist Mihai Șomănescu just discovered that his Facebook account has been deleted. The last two posts were an interview with the American writer Rod Dreher and a text by the writer Traian Ungureanu (an ex MP of the European Parliament, n.n.), in memory of the journalist Alin Bogdan.

“The irony is that the last two public posts were Traian Ungureanu’s article about the late Alin Bogdan and the interview with Rod Dreher. Both spoke of the struggle against soft totalitarianism. What better way to prove that there is no totalitarianism than by banning discussion about it? That the interview with Dreher bothered Facebook badly is further proven by the fact that they also deleted two of the three pictures of Rod Dreher on the R3media Facebook page. It’s okay, I just put them back! ”

I hope this is a mistake that will be quickly fixed. Otherwise, such abuses would be beyond the limits of the absurd. As the red line of democracy and freedom of expression has already long been violated.


And the news that I’m quoting, published on R3Media:


Meanwhile, in Hungary, a conservative magazine that sometimes reprints my blog posts tell me they received a warning from Facebook that they should stop dealing with me because I’m dangerous. The journalist friend who passed this on to me is on vacation now, and I can’t reach him, so I won’t name it or give details. I can say that the three perfectly innocent things that FB cited as reason to take down a piece of mine included objecting to a half of a sentence claiming that Hungary and other Central European countries are treated unfairly in the Western media.

That is enough to trigger the Hungarian Facebook censor.

So a journalist in Romania gets kicked off of Facebook, on which he depends for his livelihood, for publishing an interview he conducted with me. A major political magazine in Hungary is threatened by Facebook because they publish material by me. Maybe now you understand better why there was almost no mainstream US media coverage of Live Not By Lies, even though it has sold over 120,000 copies in nine months. The book tells you what these tech tyrants and thought controllers are doing. They do not want you to know.