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Exposing Deception

State of the Union: Rand Paul is taking his fight against Fauci to the next level.

Credit: Christopher Halloran

On October 11, FreedomWorks held an event with Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky to celebrate the launch of his new book, Deception: The Great COVID Cover-Up. In 2023, one must ask the question: Why are we still talking about Covid-19? Paul’s book is a rare example of where talking about the pandemic may be a good thing.

Paul has been on Anthony Fauci’s case for a long time, questioning him repeatedly about the lies that have peppered his long career. Deception was written to expose just that—Fauci’s tenuous relationship with the truth not only during the Covid-19 pandemic, but over the past several decades, where he supported the pursuit of gain of function research. At the book launch, Paul described several instances where Fauci’s morality in the quest for scientific knowledge could be called into question. 


One such case came during the global debates surrounding the avian flu in the early 2010s. Zoonotic viruses often have difficulty being transmitted to humans. A Dutch scientist learned how to aerosolize avian flu, an impressive feat, but one that could put countless people in danger were it to escape from the lab. Paul said that there have been over 1,000 lab leaks during the past decade, meaning that the risk of a lethal leak over this time period has consistently been unnecessarily high. 

Paul also mentioned the fact that Bill Gates has expressed a desire to identify all viruses that exist in nature and find a vaccine for all of them. However nice that may sound to those fond of jabs, the risks indisputably outweigh the benefits. A single error could release a virus with a high death rate to wreak havoc on the world. Nevertheless, in 2021, Fauci said that this type of research should be published because “the risk is worth the knowledge.”

You don’t have to be a scientist to understand that this attitude is effectively gambling with civilization as we know it. Paul recognizes this, and that is why he was driven to bring this information to light. Since Fauci was responsible for withholding so much information and lying to the public during the Covid-19 pandemic—setting off the collective hysteria ably chronicled in our own Helen Andrews’s latest, “Mass Madness at Three”—it is vital that he should be exposed in some way or another, if not brought to justice. 

Paul’s book aims to reveal to the masses what some of us have known from the start: that Anthony Fauci is a fraud, and that he deserves jail time for subjecting Americans to unjustifiable lockdowns and needless vaccines.


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