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Erika Christakis Quits Teaching

Another win for the bad guys at Yale

Did you hear this?:

A Yale lecturer who came under attack for challenging students to stand up for their right to decide what Halloween costumes to wear, even to the point of being offensive, has resigned from teaching at the college, the university said Monday.

The lecturer, Erika Christakis, an expert in early childhood education, wrote an email in October suggesting that there could be negative consequences to students ceding “implied control” over Halloween costumes to institutional forces. “I wonder, and I am not trying to be provocative: Is there no room anymore for a child or young person to be a little bit obnoxious,” she wrote, “a little bit inappropriate or provocative or, yes, offensive?”

And now, because Yale University lacked the guts to stand up to those pathetic undergraduate brats who went to pieces over this, a professor has resigned, feeling that she cannot continue to teach in such an environment. This, because she offered an opinion that offensive Halloween costumes are not that big a deal.

Contemptible, just contemptible. The Washington Post adds:

“I have great respect and affection for my students, but I worry that the current climate at Yale is not, in my view, conducive to the civil dialogue and open inquiry required to solve our urgent societal problems,” she said in an email to The Washington Post.

Nicholas Christakis, a physician and sociologist who runs his own lab at the university, said Friday he will take a sabbatical in spring 2016 and thus not teach his popular lecture, Health of the Public. He said he is not teaching next semester so that he can focus on his laboratory research and on the needs of students in Silliman.

This fall, Erika Christakis was teaching two seminars: The Growing Child in Global Context and Concept of the Problem Child.

A course evaluation for Concept of the Problem Child states: “This seminar is phenomenal and Professor Christakis is, hands down, my favorite professor that I’ve had while I’ve been here.”

Well, too bad for you all. Your protesting classmates are horrible people who ought to be ashamed of themselves, and the additional faculty, administration, and alumni who signed that disgraceful open letter against the Christakises are cretins who will, if they’re lucky, come to regret their viciousness and stupidity.

Oh, this winds me up!