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Eli Crane Blasts GOP Leadership for Siding with Democrats

State of the Union: “Republicans had a chance to deal a massive blow to the status quo and failed,” Rep. Eli Crane tells The American Conservative.

Members Of The Freedom Caucus Speak On The Debt Limit

Last night, Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida filed a motion to vacate the chair against House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, hot on the heels of the Speaker striking a deal with Democrats to keep the government open until November 17. 

“I have enough Republicans where at this point next week, one of two things will happen: Kevin McCarthy won’t be the speaker of the House or he’ll be the speaker of the House working at the pleasure of the Democrats,” Gaetz told members of the media after filing the motion. One of Gaetz’s allies in the effort to oust McCarthy is freshman Rep. Eli Crane of Arizona. When Gaetz previously announced a motion to vacate was incoming, Crane quote tweeted the announcement and said “Let’s roll!”


The American Conservative reached out to Crane to ask his thought about the continuing resolution passed under McCarthy’s leadership. “The passage of yet another CR is a sad reminder that the Uniparty will always circle the wagons at the expense of We the People,” Crane says via email.

“Republicans had a chance to deal a massive blow to the status quo and failed,” Crane continues, taking aim at GOP leadership. “Instead, just as they did in the debt ceiling fight, leadership sided with Democrats to fund Biden’s budget—a budget that directly fuels the witch hunt against President Trump, leaves our border wide open for invasion, and empowers the federal government to impose their destructive cultural agenda on our nation.”

From standing against McCarthy’s continuing resolution and now McCarthy’s speakership, Crane tells TAC, “the American people know that the leadership in this town isn’t working with their best interests in mind. Selfish politicians are happy to put their ambitions and greed above the people they’re supposed to advocate on behalf of. I came up here to represent the residents of northern Arizona, and I will use every single tool at my disposal to break the cycle of incompetency and dishonesty that’s been allowed to steamroll the American people for far too long.”

Gaetz has Crane, but he’ll need more support to vacate the chair. If the chair is vacated, there’s no guarantee that McCarthy, known in Washington for his survivability, does not make a return.


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