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Wokeness In A Time Of Pandemic

To combat growing xenophobia, as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), The Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice, is using hazmat-suited team handing out special had sanitizer to launch Stop The Spread at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto. March 3, 2020. (Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Just saw the news that the entire nation of Italy has been placed into quarantine by its government. Italians are compelled by law to stay home, except for work or emergencies.

An entire nation has chosen to destroy its economy to save the lives of its people, and its public health system. Y’all denialists keep right on saying that this is just a version of the flu.

Meanwhile, the stock market closed down 2,000 points today, joining global markets for their worst day since the 2008 crash.


Looking for the lighter side of global pandemic — and who among us isn’t? — what I’m wondering is: how are the Woke handling the coronavirus? What does this NBC News person have to say?

Got it. So it’s back to “kung flu” again. But not in New York City teacher Lynn Shon’s classroom:

If there’s one thing teachers should be doing now, it’s using the global pandemic to police the racial thoughts of their students. (But seriously, can you imagine being a grown woman and bursting into tears when one of your middle-school students refers to bat-eaters?)

What does that “How To Be Anti-Racist” guru think about the pandemic-driven market collapse?

And so forth. Please post links to your favorite examples of Wokeness in the time of pandemic. President Trump isn’t the only person trapped in ideological fanaticism now.

UPDATE: Reader Giuseppe Scalas, from lockdown in Piedmont, writes:

Political correctness is one of the likely reasons coronavirus spread so fast in Northern Italy. The Governor of Tuscany, as an example, chose not to monitor thousands of Chinese returning from New Year holidays “because racism”.

Requests for harsher measures, when the virus wasn’t yet at this stage, were met with answers such “xenophobia is the true virus”.

(Of course nobody’s calling for racism or discrimination, but this is an example of how political correctness, with its pre-cooked formulas, numbs the mental faculties of its proponents)

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