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Woke Witch Hunt At Baylor

Emma Fraley, a senior and leader of Baylor's gay student community (KXXV)

Interesting news from The Lariat, the student newspaper of Baylor University, a Texas Baptist school:

Dr. Christina Crenshaw, a recurring lecturer for the English department, tweeted transphobic content on Jan. 21 in response to Daniel Darling’s tweet referring to President Joe Biden’s new policies involving transgender rights as “anti-science.”

The original quote retweet written by Crenshaw caused Baylor students to report her message to Title IX, BU Equity, Baylor NAACP and It’s On Us BU. It has since been deleted.

“But what if I don’t want my biological sons in the bathroom with my biological daughters? Do the 99% of us who do not wrestle with gender dysphoria have a voice? No? What if I told you Title IX was never meant to apply to >1% of the students over the 99%? Doesn’t matter? OK. Cool,” Crenshaw quote retweeted.

Crenshaw also left a comment on Darling’s tweet similar to her quote retweet that has not been deleted.

“What if I don’t want biological boys in the bathroom with my biological daughter? Do the 99% of us who do not struggle with gender dysphoria have a voice? No? Cool,” Crenshaw commented.

Crenshaw also retweeted transphobic content condemning Biden’s Executive Order on Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation.

Baylor representative Lori Fogleman said Crenshaw is not on faculty this spring.

“We have confirmed that she is not teaching any classes this spring,” Fogleman said. “The online directory has not been updated at this time to reflect this fact.”

Baylor declined to comment further.

Dr. Kevin Gardner, english professor and department chair, said in an email Crenshaw isn’t teaching this semester, but they plan to ask for her back.

“Dr. Crenshaw is a temporary lecturer in the English department,” Gardner said. “She has been teaching for us off and on for several years, and she has proven to be one of our most accomplished instructors of ENG 1310.”

Round Rock senior Ashley Nitsche, secretary and treasurer of Gamma Alpha Upsilon [an unofficial LGBT organization on campus — RD], said she had Crenshaw as an English professor in Spring 2020.

“I was upset because it eliminates another professor as one of our allies, because we have been searching for potential allies and professors for the past 10 years,” Nitsche said. “More recently, the board and I have been talking about different ways to talk to these professors to get them in touch with our students so that our students know that they are safe with these professors if an issue comes up. Honestly, it’s really disappointing to see Dr. Crenshaw leave that list. I feel confused and conflicted about all of it. I’m very worried about if any other professors at Baylor align with these ideals as well because that just means more and more supporters falling away.”

So: simply objecting to transgender ideology is “transphobic,” according to the Baylor student newspaper, and enough to get an instructor at a Baptist college reported to the Title IX coordinator, and denounced in the campus paper. A single tweet of dissent. 

I hope Baylor will stand by this professor. I find it hard to believe that everyone on that campus accepts trans claims to have a right to participate in women’s sports (if you are a biological male who identifies as female), and to have biological males invading women’s spaces. If you are such a dissenter, it is time to speak up against this witch hunt.

Along these lines, here’s good news from LSU, my alma mater. Yesterday the Faculty Senate tabled a bill that would have made taking a course on “anti-racism” and fighting “anti-blackness” mandatory for graduation. 

Last year I wrote about this controversy when it arose. 

The Reveille, LSU’s campus paper, wrote recently that the “spark” for the course mandate came from student athletes. It still boggles my mind that student athletes would assert the power to order the professoriat to teach certain courses. Good for the faculty for rejecting this. I suppose now we can expect student protests. The faculty, alumni, and donors to the university should stand firm. Similarly at Baylor: now is the time for alumni and donors to Baylor to contact the Baylor Board of Regents to express support for Dr. Crenshaw against the student-led witch hunt.

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