A reader writes with his story. I have slightly edited this to protect him:

I graduated college in 2011 and began working for Fortune 100 company in [major US city].

During the initial years, the goal was simple: increase revenue and exceed KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

3 years ago, my company required all employees to undertake an “implicit bias” training. The trainer asked me to define “diversity.” My response was something like: “Diversity is the expression or representation of various viewpoints based on life-experience, education, cultural norms etc.” The trainer appeared to be appalled by my answer in that he didn’t offer feedback but proceeded to frame “diversity” within the context of race, gender, and ethnicity.

Here’s the moment you may be interested in:

The company offered employees the opportunity to attend a “Diversity and Inclusion” conference. My bosses asked for volunteers. I offered to go. I figured it would be worthwhile to network with co-workers and try to understand the company’s orientation on these issues.

My manager called me into a conference room for our routine weekly meeting. She told me that I wouldn’t be going to Denver because the Conference was about “Diversity and Inclusion.” With no sense of irony, she proceeded to tell me that I wasn’t “diverse” and was not the ideal person to represent our office. She told me that she was delivering the message based on guidance from HR and Market Leadership.

So there you have it, Rod. I’m a straight white-male and therefore I’m not “diverse.”

In the last year, the company has asked employees to join “communities” within the company. Every group is an “identity-based” category. The only group I would be “qualified” to join is the LGBT group. And I would be joining as a marginal “ally.” I believe the content of one’s character is the most important thing in working with others. I don’t care of someone is gay. But these groups promote post-modern, neo-marxist gobbledygook that I wholeheartedly oppose.

Fortunately, I’ve matriculated up the corporate ladder by delivering on revenue and KPIs for the company. But there is a ceiling. All of the leadership speaks the language of the “woke” SJW. Soon, I will have a choice. Either I will have to pretend to be “woke,” which I believe some of my company’s leadership already does, or I’ll have to effectively “hide” my disagreements and stay put in my current role. The third option is resignation. Unfortunately, most of corporate America has embraced all of this chicanery. I’m only 30. I can’t imagine what it will be like for my future children.